Havana Blues

Havana Blues

Habana Blues

  Cuba’s underground music alive, which makes the director Benito Zambrana at the beginning of his movie Havana Blues unmistakably clear. Because it is not the more meditative sounds of the Buena Vista Social Club, which gets the audience here on the ears, but rock, heavy metal and hip hop – for Ethnopuristen a horror, but always closer to the pulse of the Cuban youth, as the songs of the band retired . Especially since they all respects but their origin sounds from the Caribbean island. Habana Blues, however, is not a documentary about the young music scene, but a rousing, thoroughly musikverliebter movie to lust and frustration in the Cuban capital.

Ruy (Alberto Yoel Garcia Osorio) and Tito (Roberto Sanmartin) are musicians in her band, they mix different influences such as salsa, samba and blues to an electrifying mix together the public, the initial booking, but they can not live like this. But because they are convinced that they will get there one day with their music, do not think the two friends dream of it a try with the correct job. No wonder that between Tito and his wife, Caridad (Yailene Sierra) because of the tight financial situation of the family with their two children are increasingly coming to the dispute. Charity wants to just get away from Cuba, most to Florida, where she hopes for a better life for themselves and their two children. Comes when one day Marta (Marta Calvo) and Lorenzo (Roger Pera), which a Spanish record company talent scouts to Havana suspect, Tito and Ruy their chance, they do not differ more from the heel and lead the music manager through the lively music scene in the city. Yet the closer the long-awaited record deal, the more alienated from Tito and Caridad. Because Martha is a damned attractive woman. But actually getting offered as both a contract is a commitment to them harder than I thought, for now hard choices lie ahead.

It’s amazing how bluntly to Benito Zambrano to the grievances and difficulties in Fidel Castro’s kingdom expresses . Since each go live act for days looking ahead to a hall that is reasonably certain when recording demo tapes suddenly falls out of the current and the streets and homes are so dirty and dilapidated, that no one wants to believe in the blessings of socialism. It’s just a matter of arranging in Havana, with the circumstances and survive in any way, or as quickly as possible to get away from the island. As this is the film presents beautifully casually and without being overtly judgmental, in spite of the serious issues to be broached, lost in Havana Blues never self-pity, but always exudes a good deal of vitality and will to survive. After the film, it is believed, even by Ruy and Tito to have been passed through their town to have their music heard live, and have felt the hopes that they associate with it. What more could you want in the cinema?

Title: Habana Blues Country of production: France, Spain, Cuba Year of production: 2005 Length: 110 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Arsenal Film Distribution

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