Hands up or I’ll shoot

Hands up or Ill shoot

           Hands up or I’ll shoot
               Genre: Comedy, Satire
               Monument, theft, DDR, psychiatrists, DEFA, People’s Police, Crime Rate
  For the best trained and eager dedicated detectives Holms (Rolf Herricht) it is not easy to qualify for his upcoming promotion at the People’s Police clouds home, because in the quiet little town, there is little or even just clear up any crimes. His urgent need for exciting cases, in which he could impress earnestly as the shining hero of his beloved Lucie (Evelyn Cron), which he dares so far, so here only revere from afar satisfied spar in exciting (day) dreams. For the vile, because of dwindling low crime rate hardly worth mentioning crime prevention condemned to sink into depression threatens Holms, without him the sloping clouds psychiatrists home (Gerd E. Schäfer can help) true. The former criminals and now hotel porter Pinkas (Zdenek Stepanek), the leg out of habit still like the window to visit and told him stories of his hoodlums time, worrying, however, so bad for his friend that he at one curious idea forfeit: he rounds up the remaining figures of the old guard to a conspiratorial crooks conference to once again together to turn one last thing. This time coming but crowbar (Gerd Ehlers), Hinker (Axel Triebel), hay fever, the carrion (Herbert Köfer), Gentle Waldi (Walter Lendrich) and the other gentlemen crooks out of service, as it were charity to use as it is, spar with a spectacular to save case from his lethargy … Harmless-gay hands the DEFA production up or I’ll shoot from the year 1966 looks even, is the charming comedy thriller but peppered in their comic style with sharp criticism of the favored self-image of the former GDR. The film presents as the last work categorized as too recalcitrant, at the time against the background of the 11th Plenum of the Central Committee of the SED from “political and cultural-political reasons,” including state acceptance was refused, although director Hans-Joachim Kasprzik and screenwriter Rudy Ray during the approval process already defuse some “corrections” had had to make. The film would disappear for decades at the Federal Film Archive, until it was reconstructed in 2008 and restored and in fact could finally celebrate his movie premiere in Berlin. With one hand, crude humor, on the other satirical sophistication with the film provides enjoyable pleasures, especially as regards the actions of the crooks cranky Society, the famous ensemble from an illustrious actor is notorious GDR, the top form here accrues. Hands up or I’ll shoot with his stylized black and white images that can be replaced in addition to its historical importance appealing (s) nostalgic component that the film will be on its complex context also a cultural treasure. (Mary Anderson)
  Title: Hands up or I’ll shoot Country of production: DDR Production year: 1966 Length: 76 (Min.) Published by: Icestorm Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital mono, German EAN: 4028951197583 Extras: (# ) biographies and filmographies of cast and crew, trailer for the documentary “50 Years of Trabant … unforgettable! “by Barbara and Winfried Junge

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