Half Moon

Half Moon

Half Moon

Half Moon / Niwemang by Bahman Ghobadi is in many ways remarkable and extraordinary film that has kidnapped his audience in a remote and barren region, which most possibly from Karl May stories, or should be known by the news – the talk of Kurdistan.

The film tells the story of an unusual journey: After the fall of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the aging and ailing musician Mamo (Ismail Ghaffari) breaks with his nine sons, and his old friend Kako (Allah Morad Rashtiani) Iran in Iraq to take part in a big concert. After the end of the regime finally allowed performances of traditional Kurdish ways, and the musicians to use the new freedom to set her appearance a sign of Kurdish solidarity. In a rickety school bus is made up of troops in motion, we joked, is full of anticipation, the whole thing has almost anything from a class trip in itself, were it not for the age of the musicians. But the good atmosphere in the shadow of Maine’s premonitions – again and again he finds himself lying in a coffin, which drags a young woman through the snow. Nevertheless, the musician is not willing to abandon his plan. But there is one problem: The lack of an expressive female voice to give the music a special something. Mamo remembers his old friend, the singer Hesho (Hedye Tehrani), which was banned along with other women in a remote mountain village, as it is forbidden to women in Iran to act as a solo voice in front of a male audience. Mamo summarily decides to smuggle the comrade from the past just over the border. But that the problems only begin hineinbefördern the Mamo and his companions into an almost hopeless situation from which they can only deliver a miracle … born

Bahman Ghobadi, 1969 in the Iranian Baneh, has just been in his career Once implemented four feature films – including Half Moon / Niwemang – and already is considered one of the most interesting directors of his generation. His very first film A Time for Drunken Horses from the year 2000 has been showered with numerous awards, including the film was awarded the Prize of the FIPRESCI International Film Critics Association at the Cannes Festival. 2002 was followed by the film Song of My Motherland and 2004 Turtles Can Fly, who won at the Festival of San Sebastian, the Golden Shell. A success, which in 2006 by Half Moon repeated / Niwemang.

Although the background of the story is very serious, so it creates Ghobadi in his beautifully photographed film by Nigel Bluck repeatedly through humorous deposits dreamy passages and slapstick find the balance that makes the road movie a complex, entertaining and thought-provoking work – in short, a wonderful film, the aptly the alien world of the Kurds and depicts sympathetically. However, so much talent and commitment does not come cheap, because the film was banned in Iran shortly after its premiere, as will see, among other things, this includes women who sing in the presence of men alone – demonstrates yet again that the reality of the fiction frequently enough to surpass.

In view of the subject and the attitude that relates Bahman Ghobadi’s film, has decided to hire the Pandora to give up a synchronous version of the film and show it only in the Kurdish original version with German subtitles. Considering that this may deter some viewers from a visit to the cinema, such a conclusion is all the more admirable and, unfortunately, have become rare in times like these.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Half Moon Original Title: Niwemang Country of production: France, Austria, Iran Year of production: 2006 Length: ( #) 107 (min) of material: Pandora Film Distribution

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