Gulliver’s Travels

Gullivers Travels

           Gulliver’s Travels
               Genre: literature, comedy, adventure film
               Island, shipwreck, Jonathan Swift, Lilliput, Lilliputians, Bermuda Triangle
    Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels “is one of the absolute literary classic. Rob Letterman moved the action from the 18th period of the novel Century in the modern world. Lemuel Gulliver is working as a messenger in a publishing house when he gets the chance of an article on the infamous Bermuda Triangle to write and finally prove himself as a journalist. Of course, the trip ends in the vastness of the ocean in a disaster and as Lemuel comes to, he finds himself on the island of Lilliput, home of the small-and hard-working little people.   Title: Gulliver’s Travels Country of production: USA Production year: 2010 Distribution: Twentieth Century Fox

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