Grimm Love

Grimm Love
               Genre: Thriller, Crime
  Four years ago, shocked the act of Armin Meiwes, the cannibal of Rohtenburg, the German public. After he had castrated a friend, Meiwes ate the more than 20 kilograms of meat of his victim. In the search for the next willing killing the 44-year-old police went into the net. He came to court, was the first indictment to manslaughter and was sentenced Meiwes. A little later the sentence was lifted. The process is currently the second time to the process announced in time Senator-Film opening to the start of Hollywood film Rohtenburg. Meiwes attempted to obtain a preliminary injunction, which was rejected by the District Court of Kassel, Germany. Is therefore timely to the theatrical releases of the superficial and showmanship-oriented production about the events of 2001 are no more obstacles.

If the background. A lot of hype about a film without the described current sensitivity after one or two weeks would have disappeared from the screens. For as you look at it and turns – the impression of the 90 long minutes of film can not excuse himself. The feature film debut of the American author Martin Weisz stumbles in front of him and perhaps still with some horror moments in the memory. The director tried his hand at an art-inspired implementation of events, linking the history of the cannibal with a new framework for action. The American student Katie Armstrong (Keri Russell) is studying criminal psychology and is eligible for their graduate work in Germany. On the Internet it has encountered on the exciting, almost terrible case of cannibalism. She wants to find out what drove Oliver Hartwin (Meiwes-Cast: Thomas Kretschmann) into one of the most brutal killings of the German past. Hertwin had met in an Internet forum for cannibalism on Simon Grombek (Bernd-Juergen B. Starring Thomas Huber), who wanted to give up his life voluntarily for the meticulous and precise planned mutilation. The American finds evidence for the existence of isolated and completely distraught Oliver Hartwin who grew up under the overbearing mother to a mentally disturbed man who was pursued by more and more violent fantasies. At the end of the young American a video is leaked to the act of killing, in which she breaks almost internally. On the tape Hartwin noted in the last hours in the life of Simon Grombek.

The true cannibal Armin Meiwes feels deceived by the media. He had left to a Hamburg-based company the rights to his story for a documentary. This movie violates his personal dignity, he felt misunderstood and wrongly portrayed. Despite these facts, the film by Martin Weisz, who was inspired by true events, the gruesome story on two levels, trying to tell. On the one hand, the viewer sees the American student who goes to the presence of clues. On the other hand, the life of Weisz mixed cannibal and his victim, appears in the images of her past and dark brown-gray tones in an attempt to achieve an authentic effect. This fails, and instead looks amateurish and silly. A little bit of intelligence is to viewers of the film perfectly capable. The constant change of perspective between Katie, Artvin and Grombek contrast confused. Weisz has tried to show the person behind the monster, made use of popular stylistic devices can contribute to the film, unfortunately, like an episode of a series before. Too many cliches, too uncaring staging of superficial research. Thus, the film tells of about 600 cannibals in Germany. Where does this number remains unclear. Anyway, mainly because the neighbor might be among them. A bit of real shock must be finally. In addition to some Ekelszenen especially the linguistic level is questionable. When speaking German in a completely Rohtenburg akzentüberladenes English, is also lost the last spark of authenticity.

Grimm Love wants to create attention, but instead just a sensationalist exploitation of cannibal murder. In addition there are substantive shortcomings of the production especially the mistakes and lack of love, remain negative hanging. The shocking fact, when you want to look and look away at the same time, advances in the debriefing strangely in the background. The only really interesting question is the reason for the consistently smeared make up the leading actress. Perhaps countless tears, which would be suitable. Grimm Love is truly a film like crying.

(Gesine Grassel)

Title: Grimm Love Original Title: Butterfly – A Grimm Love Story Country of production: USA Year of production: 2006 Length: ( #) 88 (Min) of material: Movie Central

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