Gregor Schnitzler – Biography and Filmography

Gregor Schnitzler - Biography and Filmography

Gregor Schnitzler – Biography and filmography

  Gregor Schnitzler, born 1964 in Berlin, presented in 2002 with tun wenn’s brennt? first as a director of a big movie production before.

The way the film he found already during the study of social and communication sciences at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. He worked for several years as a still photographer and began his career in 1990 as director of music videos and commercials, from which he realized until 1997 a total of 65 pieces.

1994 Gregor Schnitzler turned with a sequence of RTL Series For the first time, a long dramatic law format. Over the next four years followed by seven more episodes. In addition, in 1998 and 1999, two TV movies were the ZDF-Saturday-night-detective series TEAM Berlin, 1999, the result of Hazardous paternity from the RTL series Balko.

With Eleni Ampelakiotou he had staged in 1991 and 1992 the short films The window and Sundays. Together with the director, he also turned the movie Finlandia (2001), found the world’s attention at festivals. Exactly how to do what, when the heat?, Who won in 2002, the Audience Award at the Filmfest Lünen. With solo album, the film version of Benjamin v. Stuckrad-Barre’s cult novel could inspire Gregor Schnitzler 2003 audiences and critics alike. In 2005 he adapted the novel The cloud of Gudrun Pausewang for the big screen.

Filmography – Gregor Schnitzler (selection)

I am an island (TV)

I do 2005
The Cloud

Double Bet (TV)

solo album

What if it’s on fire?


Balko – Hazardous Fatherhood (TV)

1998 -1999
TEAM Berlin (2 episodes, TV)

In the name of the law (8 episodes, TV)

Sunday (short film)

The Window (short film)

Title: Gregor Schnitzler – Biography and Filmography

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