Green Zone

               Genre: Drama, Action, war film
               Intelligence, special forces, Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction

A land of ecstasy

  What was it again with the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Somehow, nil, despite the supposedly imminent threat had to serve as a justification for the war. Anyone who has been mistaken whom will be experienced in reality, maybe never. But, as it might have been, it says director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum) in an equally exciting and authentic way. Although the specific mix of reality and fiction, this time less convincing than in flight 93.

Baghdad in 2003, four weeks after the bombing and the invasion of the Americans. U.S. officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) searches with his squad of elite soldiers to the secret arsenals of weapons of ousted dictator Saddam Hussein. The soldiers have received from the Pentagon accurate maps of the death traps, based on a mysterious informant. The only problem is: Instead of chemical culling Miller and his men find a toilet factory. In the third Fehlanzeige the really pro-government fighters burst of the collar. It provides critical questions. Moreover, he tries on his own about the reason for the false information. By now Matt Damon has arrived in his inimitable combination of naivete and bravado, where he wants to have any thriller director: between two stools, hunted by the enemy as well as by their own people.

The Action-Thrill thus operates not only through a strong actor, but also thanks to the infernal pace at which Greengrass the audience in the very first minute in the tumult of a city draws in which the pure chaos reigns . Everywhere only threat, intimidation, snipers, a breathless running around for bare life.

For all that actually looks like that time in Baghdad, has Green Grass Having regard to the non-fiction by the renowned Washington Post correspondent Rajiv Chandrasekaran. In “ Imperial Life in the Emerald City , the author describes in detail the conditions in the occupied country. Other witnesses were war veterans, were filled with the supporting roles. There were also advisors, who then actually a specialist in weapons of mass destruction in action were. All of this adds to Spain, Morocco and England scenes filmed a great realism. Similar to Flight 93, where he reconstructed the crash of the fourth engine of September 11, Greengrass has done everything to ensure the fictional imagination, as it could have played, to appear as real as possible.

, however, differs Green Zone in one important respect from the 9/11-Aufarbeitung. With the Thrill Flight 93, as it were the result automatically from the real situation, so it that the time passengers resisted against the terrorists and thus at least prevented the hijacked aircraft flew into another building. GreenZone In contrast, plot lines are introduced, of which one is not sure whether they are due to the requirements of the genre or have real background. Greengrass said he wanted to make a film about the Iraq war, but a thriller that plays in Iraq. But the story is so close to reality that can only distinguish between experts on the war history. Therefore shall the strength of the film for a certain amount of irritation.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Green Zone Country of production: France, USA, Spain, United Kingdom Year of production: 2010 Length: 115 (min) of material: , Universal Pictures International Germany

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