Genre: drama, psychological thriller
               Bank employee, crime

A banker goes astray

  That’s what happens when you simply just want to be normal: You get a super job, earn a lot of money – and suddenly everything collapses. With its gravity psychological thriller about a bank teller out of control, Maximilian Erlenwein managed a powerful, highly emotional feature film debut. At the Festival in Saarbruecken there for the Max Ophüls Prize for Best Film and Best Actor Award for Nora forest sites and the special drama for Fabian Hinrichs.

Frederik Feinermann (Fabian Hinrichs) is the slick young executive, who seemingly does everything right. A “fine man”: more correctly, the ironed shirts, like the soldiers lined up in Manhattan’s apartment, which differs little from a body look at his work. But one day something happens that puts Frederik’s life upside down: a customer, whom he wrongly advised, shoots himself in front of his eyes, right in the meeting room.

Would probably Frederik’s life, even without the shock out of joint advised. For too long, he wanted to be just normal, has suppressed all feelings, imposed a ban on contact his heart. That does not work any more. With inexorable gravity pulls it down Frederik Feinermann: to of gone to pieces love of his life, to the funky music of his wild years, and his old pal Vince (Jurgen Vogel), who has long been in jail. If this is not a coincidence: one was seven years in real prison, and the other as long as life caught in the wrong.

As the two are now heading out into a dark, dangerous world, says director Maximilian Erlenwein in a mix of astonishing ease. Thriller, mysterious love affairs, male friendship, adventure and a wonderfully oblique humor – it’s pretty much as everything that makes entertaining genre movies. But it works as a unified whole, entirely in the service of this self-story that is told with great pace and a lot of visual humor.

Gravity is working with strong contrasts. Here are the stylized, ironed World Bank, which gives the camera with symbolstarken settings are a hostile, almost eerie atmosphere. There, the expressive, reaching into the belly of music, which the rebels in Feinermann lend their voices. Maximilian Erleinwein is justifiably proud of the soundtrack, for which he won Jakob Ilja, the guitarist of the band Element of Crime . He has written him a music that is not accompanied, but plays a distinct role: they are procured by the feelings of a valve that has been building for so long Frederik.

A pair of opposites even when Frederik and Jürgen Fabian Hinrichs bird as his buddy Vince. Hinrichs (Hans Scholl in Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage) gives his character a shimmering naivete, a playful boyishness. Jürgen Vogel is completely against the hardened Knacki, the man with the dark secret that he speaks little, but his vibrant body language betrays the volcano beneath the surface, which really wants only one thing: revenge.

Between the two evolved a man’s friendship with the difficult but intense about Art in one of the scenes in which the voice of bloodstained Frederik on Vince, although he had actually terminated the friendship. A few glances meet and Vince would understand exactly what’s up. The reconciliation could not be laconic: “Want a beer?” He asks his friend. And sometime before that is a sentence that is characteristic of this wonderful scarce dialogues. “Normality is something for assholes”, recognizes Frederik. If he had only known a little earlier times.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Gravity Country of production: Germany Length: min 100 () of material: farbfilm Distribution

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