Good Woman – Ein Sommer in Amalfi

Good Woman - Ein Sommer in Amalfi

Good Woman – Ein Sommer in Amalfi

  Why had Oscar Wilde and his plays do not serve it all: In countless films, books, plays and adaptations of the life and works were portraits of the British enfant terrible, modified, processed. Although the life and creative period of the famous writer back is already nearly 120 years, are also found today’s readers and viewers in the figures and back issues of the past.

The new film by Mike Barker Good Woman – Ein Sommer in Amalfi is one such adaptation. A classic love triangle at the Italian Amalfi coast, a high-drama Soceity under scorching sun and lemon trees. But wait, that simple is the story about the American couple, Robert and Meg Windermere not.

In the thirties, the young married couple spend their summer at the stunningly beautiful coastline. Robert Windermere (Mark Umbers) is accustomed to working with money, its just 20-year-old wife Meg (wonderfully submissive: Scarlett Johansson) live to please him. Even after nearly a year in the state of matrimony, the two in love as ever, and convinced that nothing can destroy her happiness and, above all, no one. One day, the middle-aged Mrs. Erlynne (Helen Hunt) in the small town. A dubious reputation precedes her hurrying: as a seductive and very attractive woman with no moral doubt, it is known to adhere to well-off married men and to be funded from her lover’s life. This often ends in chaos. Especially in New York, she had recorded some failures, and therefore tried in Italy, on the playground of the rich and beautiful. Immediately break the resident gossip aunts their mouths, which are otherwise bored with the weary aristocrat. And really, a little later we see the happily married Robert in the Erlynne Villa go in and out. When his wife Meg a little later found his checkbook, breaks down for this one world. At regular intervals did send her wedded Mrs. Erlynne not inconsiderable sums permit. Meg interprets the worst and planning to leave her unfaithful husband. This is Robert’s friend Lord Darlington (Stephen Campbell Moore), just in time to care about the pathetic dupes just waiting that these blows with him. On her 21st Meg’s birthday is a roaring celebration. After the social world is upside down …

The central message of the film is short and concise: Marriage is primarily a mutual misunderstanding, and only works if you do not love. So far, so good. A Good Woman – Ein Sommer in Amalfi is a Mediterranean summer breeze, a delightful film with a lot of puns and wonderfully snappy punchlines, which is sometimes put the laughter in the throat. During the first half of the film lightly and charmingly dahinschwebt, runs the second half as tough chewing gum. Unfortunately, the pleasant summer breeze dissipates and gives way to a stifling dry summer breeze. Sparkling-funny-lame is too stressful. Since every few minutes to help and not placed quite seriously intentioned wisdom anymore. What saves the film is the superb ensemble, led by Helen Hunt, who not only dignity, but above all very attractive age. A story full of ambiguity, of dubious morality and the inscrutability of the human psyche. A bit more pace and rigor have done well with the screenplay.

(Gesine Grassel)

Title: Good Woman – Ein Sommer in Amalfi Country of production: U.S., Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Luxembourg Year of production: 2004 Length: ( #) 93 (Min) of material: Universum Film

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