Good Night, and Good Luck

Good Night, and Good Luck

Good Night, and Good Luck

  When George Clooney reception at this year’s Oscars in Hollywood as the coveted golden trophy for his brilliant role as a supporting actor in Syriana, he predicted in his acceptance speech that this Oscar was probably just a consolation prize. As director of the nominated Good Night, and Good Luck, he would go out empty safe. The competition was strong, his premonition was confirmed, and thus remained as an Oscar – quite wrongly, for his second directing Good Night, and Good Luck shows Clooney at his best.

Is dedicated to George Clooney in Good Night, and Good Luck, as in his satirical debut Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) again the powerful medium of television and its influence on human perception. After an own script Clooney directed the true story of legendary journalist Edward R. Murrow and his public comments about the CBS television show “See it now” discharged against Joseph McCarthy’s relentless crusade to root out communism. Clooney is focused on the early 50s. McCarthy had as a junior senator at that time already have such great influence that he could act without mercy against alleged Communists – but the extended contact with the Communist Party in order to be considered subversive by McCarthy as suspicious and therefore more or less taken out of circulation. In this climate of fear and paranoia does the television presenter Edward R. Murrow, and his voice courageously denounced publicly on the case of a dismissed pilots unjustified McCarthy’s methods. The brave journalist, brings not only his TV chef and the sponsors of the program against himself, McCarthy is also a counterattack was not long in coming.

Clooney takes his cinematic material so adept and experienced at, because he is familiar. He grew up with the Fernsehmetier. His father worked for years as a news journalist Murrow was for all the Clooney family a great hero – a legend which impressed itself deeply into Clooney’s memory. For years, played to turn the 44-year old actor and director (including Ocean \ ‘s Eleven, Spy Kids, O Brother, Where Art Thou?) With the idea of a film about Murrow. Murrow, Clooney wanted the role even before playing himself until he met David Strathairn, and was deeply impressed by his persuasive speeches to the camera. Strathairn is actually the ideal choice for the uncompromising, ambitious and courageous Murrow, whom he represents in all its elegance and stoic silence. Always with a cigarette in his mouth and on the search for absolute truth, he gives us a pleasure while watching. And if he’s controversial “See it Now” item, like a poem with the words of its title Good Night, and Good Luck finished, it sounds as comfortable and confident in giving us the audience has quite naturally on its side.

Clooney is seen in the role of good friends with Murrow producer Fred Friendly to. Obviously, he sticks to straight, middle, or shortly after the filming of Syriana, for which he has plenty of angefuttert streaky and he in Good Night, and Good Luck was not quite so wegkaschieren. Nevertheless, he made a good figure, and with him a team of great actors like Robert Downey Jr., Patricia Clarkson, Ray Wise, to complement the talented ensemble of the best television crews.

The completely in black and white film is rotated almost exclusively at the premises of the CBS television studios. The set of “See it Now” has been faithfully reproduced for the shooting and equipped, the cinematographer Robert Elswit rely on aesthetic knowing very stylish way to stage. His intricate pictures speak a elegant yet passionate language, accompanied by seductive jazz music. That there is a project of heart and came out of Clooney’s passion, is a successful Hollywood star’s credit. In just a short rotation period of six weeks with a small budget of 7 million U.S. dollars a magnificent masterpiece has been created that, despite its historical subject us to the current political and media events re-presented on the latest info. Clooney was with Good Night, and Good Luck to earn any money. He wanted to create a legacy. He should have this wish fulfilled.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Good Night, and Good Luck Country of production: USA Year of production: 2005 Length: Min 93 () (# ) Distribution: Kinowelt

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