Gone in 60 Seconds 3 – Firebird Tornado

Gone in 60 Seconds 3 - Firebird Tornado

           Gone in 60 Seconds 3 – Firebird Tornado
               Genre: Action
               Sequel, chase, car, car accident, car racing
  In order not to confuse the fan completely, he should reread the discussion on Part 2 of the Action-Trash-series Gone in 60 Seconds. We’re talking mind you not from the terrible 2000s remake. After director, producer and actor HB Halicki during a stunt to Gone in 60 Seconds 2 was killed, the movie was just filled with residual material “. In order to squeeze even the last drop of cash out of the film series, was then carved out of various scenes and some newly shot sequences and a third part. This is now a surprisingly entertaining Gone in 60 Seconds 3 – Firebird Tornado. The iconic Firebird Tornado refers to the then German cinema titles. And after a wonderfully nostalgic, playful opening credits is also going on already, with the Crash & Chase Adventure.

The story is of course her little: junkyard owner Harlan Hollis (HB Halicki) has become a successful film producer and stuntman way up. But someone has it in for him. And on the way to a James Dean-Nostalgia Festival, Hollis is chased by several hired killers. And while gas is properly Hollis and the scrap are always higher mountains in the rear view mirror, he tries to figure out who it seeks because all his life.

, With nearly half the fleet of vehicles and memorabilia from dozens Halickis personal collection of engines, cars, motorcycles, etc. I Gone in 60 Seconds 3 into the dusty race. To damn cool music and really good old-school stunts go it on twisty roads. And also to water and air is not been short on action. The film is an acting Barrens – forget it. This is about action, optics, and crash! Like the first two films is, Gone in 60 Seconds 3 is a feast for car fans. Story null, null right, 100% cult! Picture and sound are surprisingly good and remastered. Accessing

(Renatus Töpke)

Title: Gone in 60 Seconds 3 – Firebird Tornado Original Title: The Junkman Country of production: USA Production year: 1982 Length: 92 (Min.) Published at: Sunfilm Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, German, English ( #) EAN: 4041658700399 Extras: None

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