Gomorrah – journey into the realm of the Camorra

Gomorrah - journey into the realm of the Camorra

Gomorrah – journey into the realm of the Camorra

  It is not yet a year ago that Roberto Saviano tell-all book Gomorrah – journey into the realm of published Camorra in Germany and arranged for the background for some attention and extensive media coverage. The author had set himself apart in his book with the machinations of the Neapolitan Camorra and to this end many years researched and undercover, so he has since been joined by security guards, and his whereabouts are kept secret. Italian director Matteo Garrone has taken on different episodes of the book in his film Gomorrah – journey into the realm of the Camorra / Gomorrah, and made into a feature film that mixes fiction as the literary model and analysis of actually existing abuses, and a whole new view of organized Crime in the South of Italy raises. In apparently loosely connected episodes of Garrone’s film told primarily by the young people from the dilapidated and run-down suburbs of Naples, and very casually sketches a picture of a society which is corrupt through and through.

Rudiger Suchsland notes at at telepolis.de: “Without a clear main characters, and certainly without those” popular figure “without finance German television stations no longer screenplay that unfolds, the film is a social system and this is even the center.” And again, it says: “As in Altman’s Short Cuts and all those works of cinema, which has since emerged crystallize, then figure out this network have certain narrative strands and stories out.”

Is also Tricked Christina Nord in the taz writes in her review that this was “not a film of loud rebellion, but cold registering.

Dominik Kamalzadeh of the daily newspaper Der Standard from Austria sees Gomorrah – journey into the realm of the Camorra / Gomorrah, even one of the exponents of a return of political cinema. “Garrone and Saviano, who designed the script penetrate the rank system based on case studies, but remain quite on a par with the reality,” it is to be read there. For the author of the article Matteo Garrone’s film because of its qualities even one of the favorites for an award: “In the often visually stunning settings that come to expand the social realism of the film almost surreal way, the figures in Gomorrah in dilemmas from which they can no longer exempt. As in passing that he had directed the film, says Garrone. It could bring him one of the coveted palm “.

The industry press evaluated the film somewhat divided: So called Lee Marshall of Screen InternationalGomorrha — journey into the realm of the Camorra / Gomorrah, although as “possibly the most authentic and unsentimental mafia movie that’s ever come out of Italy,” but on the other the work suffers, “at his own courage.” Garrone and his five co-authors, then the criticism would have “the journalistic context of the Camorra war thrown overboard,” the film would offer similar to the drugs, which play an important role in the movie, only “a short-term noise, but no lasting impression “.

of Variety Jay Weissberg emphasized above all Garrone way, “such as fiction and a dispassionate documentary style mixed” and is confident that the movie will be his international arthouse audience reach .

The movie starts in Germany on 11 September this year in the rental of Prokino film distribution.


Title: Gomorrah – journey into the realm of the Camorra Original Title: Gomorrah – Cannes 2008 Country of production: Italy Year of production: 2008 ( #) Length: 135 (min) of material: Prokino

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