Give me your hand

Give me your hand
               Genre: Drama
  The 18-year-old twin brothers Antoine and Quentin travel from France to Spain to attend the funeral of their mother, they have never met. The trip is for the unequal brothers finally a confrontation with their individual personalities, which operates without many words.

The movie is preceded by an anime sequence, which anticipates the main points of the next eighty minutes: how two competing puppies mad and fight each other and the two brothers run away from each other, only to find yet again the way to the dearly beloved brother. How does it feel to have a twin brother? May even develop an independent life, or will live in a growing circle of the others? The film tries to give answers to these questions and shows that it is for Antoine (Alexandre Carril) and Quentin (Victor Carril) very difficult. For however much they are outwardly the same as an egg the other, different as they are from their characters. Antoine, the extrovert of the two, always seeking the company of other people and playing joyfully the Jew’s harp, while his introverted brother Quentin is better for himself and tries to work up his impressions by drawing manga. Still can not separate the two, although the film by Pascal-Alex Vincent is working with many symbolic images and has almost no dialogue.

The symbiotic relationship of the two young men, for example, illustrated by the fact that they are seated as stowaways on a truck. They have made themselves comfortable in a huge sewer pipe in the bed and the camera captures the brothers, leaning against one another, as it looks by tunnel vision in the passing scenery. This association will be the security of a very intense interpersonal relationship evokes the same time also means the exclusion of the outside world. Even as a sort of birth canal, this scene can be interpreted, because the twins are born at the beginning of their age or less a second time. It is an arduous journey, the two have to go to the proverbial sense, because they have very little cash, they must walk, hitchhike or buy a cheap train ticket to go to Spain. They repeatedly encounter other people with whom they enter fleeting sexual adventures. While they were removing the first woman, Clementine (Anais Demoustier) share, nor the brothers during their journey more and more of each other, by the fact that they give different women. Until it finally to the inevitable break comes, as Quentin has a sensual and romantic encounter with another man. Antoine forgive him this intimacy is not and is deeply hurt, because the proximity) between his brother and Hakim (Samir Harrag close between him and Quentin is similar. As Antoine from his jealousy out promises a suitor for hundreds of dollars his unsuspecting brother, Quentin, and makes him flee back completely upset.

The rivalry between the twin brothers Antoine and Quentin is a permanent presence in the film, and it’s a tough fight, which they carry on together. In this road movie is told primarily through his intimate pictures and close-ups, who speak their own language. It is indeed astonishing that manages Give me your hand with just a few words, and you will inevitably have a spectator to this quiet, intense images enter to follow the development of two 18-year-olds. Anyone who does not makes a lot of psychological detail is lost sight of that the film conveys more reserved in nature. But just because he seems authentic, understandable and expressive, while more dialogue would have destroyed the magic of this film. But why is the performance by Katrin Sass – which can be seen at the time as a hateful and racist mother-in Oskar Roehler’s Lulu & Jimmi – was announced so great, is not understandable, because only a few minutes the German actress in the film by Pascal-Alex Vincent intended, in which it is not really for self-discovery process by Antoine and certainly not to the contribution of Quentin. Calm and quiet cinema that the aesthetics of its two protagonists, the stunning poetic imagery and live music by the spherical Tarwater.

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: Give me your hand Original Title: Donne-moi la main Country of production: France Year of production: 2008 Length : 80 (Min) of material: Salzgeber

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