Giulia disappearance

Giulia disappearance

Giulia Disappearance

               Genre: Comedy
               Love, aging, Birthday

The Invisible

  If one is as old as you feel? Or as old as it looks? Good question to which there really is no rational answer. For older we are now all times, whether we are clever about it or ponder knocking trite sayings. Because really remains is to wring the sad fact a funny flip side. The film by Swiss artist Christoph Schaub, unfortunately, only partially successful. Even if a whole squad of well-known actor has contributed to the disappearance Giulia at Locarno Film Festival 2009 won the audience award.

Giulia (Corinna Harfouch) is a successful, sophisticated and confident woman who has not shirked any challenge – even before her 50th Birthday. But done on the way to events in the small, exquisite circle of Fine dining strange, somehow magical things. The two teenagers on the bus seem to be young soulmate of Giulia. And the older woman sets the next Giulia, stirred a deeper root in her. Then comes a crucial sentence. “We are invisible,” says the lady. We? “We older people. Wen she probably means by that. But not the 50-plus generation? To Giulia, it is certainly happen. For to be invisible – that is a far too high a price for half a century. The film’s title gives it away, but we’d imagine it this way: Giulia will spend this evening other than sit with their friends at the table.

Meanwhile, the guests waiting in vain to beat the time with more or less successful small talk tot The dialogues revolve primarily around one thing – age. And from many angles. Nothing is left out, the whole range is on the table: the weight, health, the entire litany of dietary cholesterol on unsaturated fatty acids up to vegetarianism. And then, of course, still the sport, sex and height as the plastic surgery. The successful author Martin Suter, who has written the screenplay and is currently with Purple Purple at the movies, not succeed in providing all dialogs. Some things are funny pointedly, to the contrary seems more overheard from the everyday small talk. Here you get all too familiar to the ears: “I’m not afraid of death, just before dying,” says one of the bored companions.

Formally succeeded, but in substance are few constraints, the two parallel actions that illuminate the subject from the perspective of the very young and very old. Since such cases, their fear of the 18 teens Birthday to give the best – “just two years and you’re 20.” And get a Nursing anarchic Leonie (one bright spot: Christine Schorn) for the 80th Birthday an audiobook of the novel The last Weynfeldt given. From what the author is well? You guessed it: Martin Suter.

Of course, there are some scenic highlights such as the turmoil in the residential or the appearance of the furious reworked Alessia (Sunnyi Meeting) and also some clever way, but the dialogues of the Swiss and German team Top actors – besides the named, inter alia, Bruno Ganz, Andre Young and Stefan Kurt – remains below its potential. Too many films have been as packed into one, side by side on many points of view. As a comedy, the film is rather half-heartedly, as a drama (self-reflection and awakening to new horizons a little) too predictable. But if you even want to hear anything that can be told from different perspectives on age, then you get it here in the 90-minute fast-forward.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Giulia Disappearance Country of production: Switzerland Year of production: 2009 Length: 87 (Min) of material: ( #) X-Hire

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