Gilbert Grape – Irgendwo in Iowa

Gilbert Grape - Irgendwo in Iowa

Gilbert Grape – Irgendwo in Iowa

  This film from 1993 by Lasse Hallström based on the novel and, finally, screenplay by Peter Hedges is one of those atmospherically appealing films that fall under the term “feel-good cinema.” Staged a consistent story with emotional substance, existential conflicts, concise, perfectly embodied characters, each with dignified Referierende codes, spicy wit, a nice, catchy soundtrack, and last but not least wonderful pictures of the camera to Sven Nykvist’s Eating Gilbert Grape – Irgendwo in Iowa to a small cinematic gem of the unspectacular nature, can, with a gentle melancholy, the refreshing breeze of a smirking heat into the sound rather unimpressive sobriety of everyday life to breathe.

It is the impending 18th Birthday Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio), which is expected to rise a great feast which is the province’s preparations for the family of five at her table discussions Grape, who lives in a ramshackle cottage in the small town of Endora too quiet in Iowa. The father hung himself several years ago in the basement, the massively weighty mother Bonnie (Darlene Cates) is leaving for ages no longer the house and spends her days and nights, as there, lashed to a bed in the living room where family life takes place and from which their two sons and two daughters with a last remnant of maternal sympathy usually mild conducted. Arnie your concern is primarily because, despite his biological age, the development of the boy on the stand of a small child is, and his older sister Amy (Laura Harrington) and Gilbert (Johnny Depp) and even the catty teenage Ellen (Mary Kate Schellhardt) – very reluctantly and angrily – take care of the careless brother, with the main burden here is on Gilbert may also accompany the Arnie to work in a small grocery store.

What is he still expected his young life, thinks about it until after Gilbert, when he comes with the equally distinctive as clever Becky (Juliette Lewis) in conversation, in the area with her grandmother in the repair of her car waiting to move on with the camper. It will start a turbulent time of change in Grapes and especially with Gilbert, who felt in the course of events, a keen desire to leave the desolate backwater, and his enormous family simply consuming forces behind them …

of multiple awards for Leonardo DiCaprio as Best Supporting Actor Oscar-nominated, and also at the box office a great success is Gilbert Grape – Irgendwo in Iowa is a charming family film that stands out above all because of loving the drawing in their simple humanity almost touching, offbeat characters .

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Gilbert Grape -) Somewhere in Iowa (# Original Title: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: USA Year of production : 1993 Length: 115 (Min)

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