Ghosts – Berlinale Competition 2005

Ghosts - Berlinale Competition 2005

Ghost – Berlinale Competition 2005

  Always drawn Francoise (Marianne Basler back) to Berlin. She hopes to find her daughter, Marie, was kidnapped here many years ago, when she was three years old. Her husband Pierre (Aurelien Recoing) is complied from Paris to be with her. In fact, his sensitive wife, also requires care, because the constant burden of non-forget-ability makes it a case for psychiatry. But then Françoise met at one of their forays the young Nina (Julia Hummer), which is housed in an assisted living project. Nina has just the restless Streunerin thief and Toni (Sabine Timoteo), made friends who simply takes what it needs for life and never looking back. Together, they experience a short time near a moment of happiness. During their encounter Françoise firmly believes have finally found her long-missing daughter. She only sees ghosts?

Ghosts by Christian Petzold is surely of all the German competition entries, and perhaps the hardest of the artistically demanding. His searching look at the anguish of a woman who can not reconcile themselves with the disappearance of her daughter, gets under your skin and tortures – perhaps too much. Accordingly, the opinions about Petzold’s film also go to pieces like no other German film – for some ghosts is a sensitive study for the other a film’s mood verhagelt or simply bored. The truth is – as so often – somewhere in between.

Title: Ghost – Berlinale Competition 2005 Country of production: Germany, France Year of production: 2004 Length: 85 (min) ( #)

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