German Short Film Award on the road – the one hand: impetuous

German Short Film Award on the road - the one hand: impetuous

German Short Film Award on the road – the one hand: boisterous

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               Short, German Short Film Award

Winners and Nominees “on the road”

  The short film in Germany is often considered the domain of film schools and only as a precursor to future works, which are then settled in long format. Nevertheless, especially in the short film festivals are enjoying great popularity. And more and more competitions to show “Golden Stag” and similar formats, as well as various online festivals for short, that have just the young target audience, its absence in the cinema is often complained certainly want to exceptional films and experimental.

Desire for short and attention to the very lively short film scene and the resident wants to do in Dresden AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association, which cares since 2002 about the concerns of German short films. Such programs include the tour “German Short Film Award on the road”, are sent to the various programs, with winners and nominated films works across Germany, to give an impression of the diversity and experimentation of the young filmmakers.

The new tour program, the first part of one hand with the title at the 31st impetuously Was Max Ophüls Festival in Saarbrücken presented includes five films and style very different persuasions, from the experimental slam poetry about documentary editing to carefully staged films shorter maturity ranges bandwidth.

The opening of the program is the 13-minute documentary Wagah by Supriyo Sen, who was awarded the German Short Film Prize in Gold in the category of “documentaries with a maturity of 30 minutes. At one border crossing between India and Pakistan are playing night after night from scenes that show how deep the divisions between the two countries. When closed the border gates, over here like there is a military parade, which only serves to intimidate its neighbors and is acclaimed by the people. But there are also those who have relatives on the other side.

Mia Graus 30-minute feature film Desert / Exterior / day, which was nominated in the category
“films, with a maturity of more than seven or 30 minutes” for the German Short Film Award, spinning away the tension and tells the story of an actress and an actor who meet during filming of a movie and spend together a filming day. But from the get-togethers become not a love story, but a struggle for distance and proximity, about perceptions, realities and fictions – the spectacle of life precisely.

Follows then Till Kleinert’s with the German Short Film Award in Gold in the category ” films with a maturity of seven minutes’ exceptional work cocoon, the simple story of a metamorphosis in pubertal, but extremely vivid images without a single sentence of dialogue says. First, we believe in the essence of a girl with long hair visible, a haircut, it brings to light that this is a boy. Ambivalence and weariness of life, but the search for identity and the transformations that young people must endure during their growing up – all this lies in the film, told in 7 minutes more, many a much longer movie.

Ebenfallls from the pains of growing up told the 29-minute feature film Polar Michael Koch, the German Short Film Prize was awarded gold in the category of “films with a maturity of more than seven or 30 minutes. The reduced images, and with sparse dialogue, the film tells Luis that runs after years of estrangement with his father in the mountains. What the boy does not know where to expect him not only his father but also his new wife and his half-brother. The difficulty repressed conflicts with push power to light and pave their way eventually …

The conclusion of the program is the experimental and damn funny animated short film Der Conny ihr Pony from Robert Pohle and Martin Hentze, making it a nomination in the category “Animations-/Experimentalfilme with a maturity of 30 minutes” were given. In this film, a native of Schaffhausen slam poet and “Salzburger Stier” winner Gabriel Vetter of eleven years Connie and their difficulties, told to bring her pony with the help of public transport to its destination. However, alternative pets pose as their dangers, and even threaten the existence of the Confederation …

The second short film program of the German Short Film Prize in the road the other hand, with the title will be officially presented during the bewitching Berlinale and then goes to great tour in Germany. Who should be so acquired a taste, can already look forward to continuing.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: German Short Film Award on the road – on the one hand: boisterous Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 – 2010 Length: Min 84 ( ) of material: AG Kurzfilm

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