George Michael – A Different Story

George Michael - A Different Story

George Michael – A Different Story

  In the eighties, George Michael was such a thing as the smartest Föhnwelle of the pop business: In today absurdly naive-looking, there are video clips of the singers of victories is Wham! as Strahlemann licked clean and dream of all mothers. In addition, the human race brought with Last Christmas one of the Christmas songs, which is probably fear – how to – will hold up for all eternity. The subsequent solo career justified the highest hopes, his album Faith , with 10 million copies sold, still one of the most successful records of all time. But then something changed in the life of the singer: the cycles between albums became longer, the increasingly rare public appearances, there were mutterings of artistic differences with the record company and eventually the arrest was made in 1998 in LA, and therefore the involuntary Coming Out that seemed to put the final death blow to the career. The whole tragedy of this decline lies in the fact that from today’s perspective would have been entirely avoidable, but the way that George Michael is gone, is certainly seen as a painful separation from foreign domination and as an identity-finding process to. Today, the superstar effect of once free, sovereign and happy, but the promised inward-succeeds only partially.

For really different is the documentation against the information in the title did not become quite the contrary. Instead to broach and to investigate the causes and reasons for their careers, is George Michael – A Different Story pretty in the carefully manicured surface, indiscriminately taking out all the confessions of the erstwhile superstars and then reproduces only the carefully constructed image of the singer, which of course little wonder, if you know that the idea came about this film by Michael himself and his manager acts as a producer. Rare Star granted by the shy once actually glimpse into his inner life, though he repeatedly demonstrates that he, his person and the way he has taken but criticism and often ironically perceives. But at the same time this distance has to itself as a stumbling block that hides what is not better see the light of the public. In this respect, George Michael – A Different Story is definitely a film for fans and a recap of the career so far, because the singer has announced that it remain true to the music though, but no longer appear as a pop star. Worth seeing, but often at very closely at the surface of those remaining, the – did you learn from George Michael’s story – the reason for the spectacular failure of the singer is.

Title: George Michael – A Different Story Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 2005 Length: 93 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Academy Films

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