George Clooney portrait

By the looks of Cary Grant, Clark Gable and the look of the charm of bushy eyebrows, George Clooney, born in 1961, alongside John Travolta and Johnny Depp, one of the kings of the “Cool” is.

Clooney’s body language has ruled that moment of inner peace that nothing can upset the balance. In a relaxed position Lauer he keeps his head bent slightly tilted, as if to test the dialogue partners disparaging. Will he prevail, he is leaning forward slightly, stretching the energetic chin are greater. Then stretches the skin over the cheekbones and eyebrows to signal danger.

Clooney goes out of energy, which, after he already as a pediatrician in the TV series “Emergency Room” was popular in his first major feature film “From Dusk till Dawn” show. He was the cold, but extremely controlled killer that his brother (Quentin Tarantino packs) on the collar and is proving to be a Boss Trouble teams in zombie-land.

In the comedy “One Fine Day” it was the Slacker and dispute Hahn and threw partner Pfeiffer openly their “Captain-Hook-complex before.” After the “Batman” in the fourth installment of the series, he succeeded on the side of Jennifer Lopez in the Elmore Leonard thriller Out of Sight “, the erotic sparks leave. As one of the “Three Kings” in the Gulf War as a captain in Wolfgang Petersen’s “The Tempest” and escaped convict chain in the southern state odyssey of the Coen brothers in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” moved the king of the charming casualness to Clark-Gable-Terrain, which he successfully modernized.

In the interview, Clooney tells of battles with directors for whom he went to the throat of a lost romance on a date with beautiful women from the constraints of fame. His popularity reached with the three of Steven Soderbergh twisted pieces of the comedy thriller “Ocean’s” series to new heights, and cemented his image, which spurred him but obviously even more.

As a producer (“Insomnia,” “Far From Heaven,” “The Informant”), along with Soderbergh for Section 8, as an ambitious director (“Confessions – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”) and as an actor of complex characters (“Solaris” ) Clooney won more and more weight and respect in Hollywood.

Increasingly politically Clooney was with his second directing “Good Night, and Good Luck” was that dissects the climate of the McCarthy era and praised by critics, and the Middle East intrigue “Syriana,” for which Clooney his first Oscar as Best Supporting Actor won, and the post-war thriller “The Good German.”

In the Coen farce “Burn After Reading,” he shone as an abject sexaholic. For his performance as a strange mileage junkie and dismissal expert in “Up in the Air” is now once again as Clooney Oscar nominee. Then he mimes in the military satire “men who stare at Goats” a freak who can supposedly kill for a U.S. special unit with views.

Personally, of the superstar also politically, for example, for victims of the crisis region of Darfur, or as an initiator and moderator of the major U.S. show donations for Haiti, which he himself zusammentrommelte all superstars.

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