Ganges – River to Heaven

Ganges - River to Heaven

Ganges – River to Heaven

  The Ganges, India more than 2000 kilometers long river has, for every inhabitant of the subcontinent, a very special meaning. Revered as a sacred river of Hindus, has become orthodox among Hindus and the Ganges over the millennia have developed a special bond, which is to understand in this form, probably unique in the world, and difficult for outsiders to.

The forms of worship many and varied: a dip in the Ganges to cleanse from sin, and many Hindus wish to die, if possible, on the banks of the Ganges – preferably in the holy, the God Shiva Vishwanat sacred city of Varanasi, which is considered one of the centers of Hinduism holds. He who dies in Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges, Ganga, whose soul is free from the burden of a rebirth, and Ganga itself will transform the soul into the afterlife, so it promises to the Hindu faith.

The director Gayle Ferraro has have their film Ganges – River to Heaven / Ganges: River to Heaven four Indian families accompanied on their way to Varanasi, which made off with their terminally ill relatives on his long journey, so that in the waters of the Ganges to rest and the promise Find an eternal life. But the river that gives the dying the hope of a deliverance from the burden of being born again, even doomed to die, poisoned by the pollution of the subcontinent, exploding economically, accepts its growth sometimes dangerous moves. But the contamination with coliform bacteria exceeded the permissible level in India for two thousand times, as can be easily cholera and typhoid bacteria to prove by other toxic substances like arsenic, lead, zinc, chromium and mercury to mention. And not least, always carry body parts by the river, the crematoria at the “ghats” – the holy bathing sites – have long been completely overloaded. And shall be held on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi is not only the ancient rites, meet here and the traditions of the faith and potentially the future threatened by ecological disasters – an encounter with an uncertain outcome.

Ganges – River Sky / Ganges: River to Heaven was awarded during the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival with the Special Jury Award and the Reel Women International Film Festival with the Best Documentary Award.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Ganges – River to Heaven Original Title: Ganges: River to Heaven Country of production: U.S., India Year of production: 2004 ( #) Length: 80 (Min) of material: Star Cinema Film Distribution

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