Game of Dreams – The true story of the wrong team

Game of Dreams - The true story of the wrong team
               Genre: Comedy
  Even the title hints at it: As unlikely love the story of the game of dreams – The true story of the wrong team to be, it has actually happened and ended in September of 2004 through all media. What had happened? The staying as a guest in Bavaria national handball team in Sri Lanka’s disappeared, according to newspaper reports (including the mirror, this was also worth a message) from its headquarters in Wittislingen on the edge of the Swabian Alb, leaving only a letter in English, which explained the purported international, be broken in the direction of France. Actually, the tranquil resort of the starting point of a three-week tour of Bavaria was to be inclusive of different games. First doubts were the hosts from Germany, when they noticed the sport almost non-existent level of troops from Asia, with a first tournament with teams from the lower leagues, the handball team from Sri Lanka each batch lost a landslide. Queries with the sports ministry of the country at least, brought some light into the darkness: Sri Lanka even have no national handball team. And anyway, the sport is not very widespread. At the latest when it dawned on the participants that they were set against a true Köpenickade.

Although the two have already tried everything – Stanley (Dharmapriya slides) and Manoj (Gihan de Chickera) I can not succeed simply to get a visa to travel in the golden west. To encounter the fruit seller and the bartender at random to an invitation to a handball tournament in Bavaria. Although the two slum dwellers have no idea what is going on with this strange game itself, but Bavaria sounds good. And so they recruit like wildfire a “team”, which is driven by the same dream – finally find a way out of the slums of Colombo and build a new and better life. With great wit and the charm of trickery, it will succeed finally snatch the coveted invitation. But even the first game ends in a fiasco for the “national team” and aroused the suspicions of the Bavarian hosts.

Just like Cool Runnings has for several years, including the game stands out from the pleasure of dreams celebrated sporting a “clash of cultures”. While the movie was about the Bobteam from Jamaica, above all, a pure entertainment film, give the director Uberto Pasolini (not the sounding, despite its name with Pier Paolo, but used with Luchino Visconti), and its originally from Sri Lanka screenwriter Ruwanthie de Chickera much effort, the dismal lives of the actors and to explain to explain why they seek their salvation in the West. Succeeded

is that the film depicted, despite all the misery never maudlin concern for the cinema gets, but retains, at least in the first part of the story’s light tone. Sorry, but this will change significantly in the part of the story, which plays in Germany. Here, almost a cliché is omitted to emphasize the difference between the cool warmth of the host country and the men from Sri Lanka. Moreover, the handball games, where players develop suddenly but still something like sporting ambitions, few are capable of stirring in the scene and it hardly fans of this sport more than just a tired smile to elicit. And so the film is exactly the kind of charm in the end are missing, which distinguished him in the beginning.

(Paul Collmar)

Title: Game of Dreams – The True Story of the wrong team Original Title: Machan Country of production: Germany, Italy, Sri Lanka Production year: ( #) 2008 Length: 111 (Min) of material: Twentieth Century Fox

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