Genre: Drama
  When the Wall comes in, they literally open the world: The lone daredevil Tom (Matthias Schweighofer) and his best friend, the taciturn orphan Veit (Frederick mosquito), who shares his love for the rolling semisplatterigen cine, decide all parental objections to Despite traveling to, at the westernmost city in the world to San Francisco. With a few Westmark welcome money and less English vocabulary with the baggage they erstmal landing in New York, where they are first greeted as “Nazis”, but outing is proud to be “Kömjunists” which meets with the airport officials do not just to larger sympathy. ( #)
Here they come, with the remaining coal is no longer in California, they do it with their last dollar and specially produced horror film’s under a Manhattan subway bridge comfortably – in the hope that a few passers-by cinephile some change to elicit. But then found Tom in St. Vitus’s backpack a few of his supposedly deceased father’s birthday cards, which were sent from San Francisco. And now he realizes why his friend was absolutely on the west coast. Although Tom felt exploited and betrayed, he nevertheless decides to explore with Veit’s father. Yet they remain three weeks up to St. Vitus’s birthday, where he would confront his father with himself.

The rich colors, held in East-Meets-adventure Friendship! now slowly gaining traction, the hurdles and the hunger will be greater, the twists and turns – sometimes somewhat close entlangschrammend at the limit of credibility – to bring the two heroes in ever larger and sometimes comical situations: when they just barely scrape through their Seven Cases to the angry bullets of the father of two charming, hysterical teenage girls escape to where they wanted to find intercourse painful, and – more importantly – especially sleep, peaceful spray voltage spark.

After a few quaint hardrockers deploy two more places on their Harleys, seems to be the target move into greibarere geographical proximity. But is the charming and thoroughly delightful acquaintance supermarket Zoey (Alicja Bach Leather) their “friendship” to the test again …

director Mark Goller, who himself lives in America, was well to the former East Germany as introduce the initial situation of the play tight and easily digestible, with irony, without the long become a cliche Ostalgiekitsch we from other DDR safaris are likely to be tired going into too much on the glue. The Fall of the Wall is not the saving Deus Ex Machina, but constitutes the real impetus of the story. This fact has been quite refreshing. In contrast, the humor of the story has acted in many places to-German, too tense: When the two bleary-eyed friends find refuge in a dim cheap porn movies, none of the other male viewers with autosexuellen actions underway. This would in a hypothetical U.S. version should be ‘looked lively. ”

It is not always easy to know in what character you are investing and what feelings have to do more than this road movie to be: because of the presence and prominence Schweighöfer, who also assumes the active role, it is always inclined to to identify with the role he personified wonderfully naive to Toms. Just a pity that the really stronger, because deeper history weighs on St. Vitus’s back. This can be the film to an emotional time bombs, at the end of it all the more surprised and moved.

Until then, however, is to help the freethinking-rugged beauty Zoey the guys to show their films in a cinema province to implement a few dollars. But at the last moment of the Film loading they decide, from an intuitive impulse, instead of the promised super-eight-Nosferatu-counterfeiting its documentary-authentic GDR-type movies for the best. And indeed – is raging, the American audience’s own, the real story is selling abroad, but still just the best.

The film explores the theme of the merchantability of its own history continues when American bricks with graffiti Spray and the konsumaffinen Vorstadtamis German as “real” relics squander-German history. In this wonderfully comic plot idea, but can be quite an intelligent, self-referential allegory read on the German film: Sold to the German film abroad (America!) Is still almost exclusively with either the Holocaust or DDR-visuals, the producers try to here, despite obvious, winking theming of this fact, be solved quickly by those selling points, and mutes the film very soon a more universal, more human theme (friendship, and cognition), obtained from the film at the end of its value.

Whether the foreign will respond to this impulse? It will be interesting.

(Malte Can)

Title: Friendship Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: 110 (Min) of material: ( #) Sony Pictures Releasing

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