6. French Film Week in Berlin

6. French Film Week in Berlin

6. French Film Week in Berlin

  The French cinema is rooted in a tradition that began over 100 years ago with the first public screening of the Lumière brothers in a small Parisian café, and has ever since been renowned filmmakers out. Unforgettable important innovative silent film directors such as Jean Vigo, René Clair, the stars of the French sound films like Jean Renoir, Marcel Carné and Jean Cocteau, or the great revolutionary Francois Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard and Claude Chabrol. Nowhere else than in France developed so early and so numerous film clubs and a certain form of film criticism. France can be understood with the film archives of the Cinémathèque Française and the Cannes Film Festival in France as the navel of the world cinema art. Even today, the tradition of French cinema will be continued. In 2005 alone caused 240 officially recognized French movie productions. A selection of twelve recent films, including many debut films are on the 6th French Film Week 1 to 7 June 2006 discovered in Berlin. Besides twelve Cinéma Paris, the French film production and movie theaters showing at Friedrichshain, under the name “Francociné” includes four French films in Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium and Benin. The festival will be opened on 1 June at 21 clock in Cinéma Paris with the movie by Patrick Imposture Bouchitey, where are also the director and the lead actress Laetitia Chardonnet present.

This program offers a colorful blend of comedies, dramas and film noirs. For many performances, the directors and actors will be present.

The Program Information:

Imposture (2005)
Director: Patrick Bouchitey
The unsuccessful literary critic Serge Pommier (Patrick Bouchitey) kidnaps the young literature student Jeanne (Laetitia Chardonnet) to gain possession of her novel manuscript, which he could help the long-awaited success. A thriller by Patrick Bouchitey, who has worked mainly as an actor and the first time in 15 years is back behind the camera.

Opening on 1.6. by 21 clock in the Cinema Paris
at Loop 2.6. by 19 clock in the movie theater at Friedrichshain (FaF)

Sauf Le Respect Que Je Vous Dois (2005)
Director: Fabienne Godet
by a tragic event, the belief in the life of 40-year-old François (Olivier Gourmet) fundamentally challenged. Will he then changed his life? Drama about the agonies in professional life, which is inspired by the experience of the director in an institution for psychological training.

Cinema Paris at 2.6. at 21.30 clock
at FaF 3.6. say by 19 clock

La Mustache (2004)
Director: Emmanuel Carrère
“What would you do if I shaved my mustache?” asks Marc Vincent Lindon his Agnès (Emmanuelle Devos). Of reactions and responses of a non-cropped beard. Carrère’s second feature film after Retour à Kotelnitch (2003).

Cinema Paris at 3.6. by 17 clock
at FaF 1.6. by 21 clock

Frankie (2005)
Director: Fabienne Berthaud
Frankie (formerly Diane Kruger) Model, now Luxusobdachlose between cheap hotels, bars and studios. Drama about a broken angel on the lookout for a place in a short-lived, artificial world. Berthaud Frankie’s debut film, after it has already shot a short film and geschauspielert several years.

Cinema Paris at 2.6. by 19 clock
at FaF 3.6. at 21.30 clock

Je Ne Suis Pas Là Pour Être Aimé (2005)
Director: Stephane Brize
Delsart bailiff Jean-Claude (Patrick Chesnais), still struggling with the scars of his unhappy childhood. Emotions are alien to him until he learns one day in the tango school to his office Françoise (Anne Consigny know). Who acts as writer and director Brize realized with Je Ne Suis Pas Là Pour Être Aimé his fourth feature film.

At FaF 5.6. by 21 clock
Cinema Paris at 6.6. by 21 clock

Quand la Mer Monte … (2004)
Directed by: Yolande Moreau
An unusual love story between the stage actress Irène (Yolande Moreau), and one of its viewers named Dries (Wim Willaert) , an artist and life-earth man with a strange, impetuous temperament and woody, Belgian dialect. The first joint feature film by Yolande Moreau, in which she plays the female lead and it won the César for best actress and cinematographer Gilles Porte.

Cinema Paris at 5.6. by 21 clock
at FaF 6.6. by 19 clock

Entre Ses Mains (2005)
Directed by Anne Fontaine
The insurance agent married Claire (Isabelle Carré) gets acquainted with the vet Laurent (Benoit Poelvoorde), the more rapidly developed. Claire suspect him, however, the “knife murderers to be” who already has several women on his conscience. A drama by Anne Fontaine, who has most recently staged Nathalie, a love triangle with Fanny Ardant, Emmanuelle Béart and Gérard Depardieu.

Cinema Paris, at 3.6. at 21.45 clock
at FaF 4.6. at 19.30 clock

La Petite Jerusalem (2005)
Director: Karin Albou
About eighteen girl Laura (Fanny Valette) in the Paris suburb of La Petite Jerusalem “, which between her religious upbringing and her degree in philosophy and is torn down. Initial feelings of love to throw their previous views on the heap. Studied by Karin Albou’s debut film, the dance, Hebrew and French, and Arabic literature and then a short is filmed and a documentary.

Cinema Paris at 7.6. by 19 clock
at FaF 5.6. by 17 clock

Peindre ou Faire L’Amour / Paint or Make Love (2005)
Director: Arnaud Larrieu and Jean-Pierre
Madeleine (Sabine Azéma) and William (Daniel Auteuil) are for 30 years happily married. When the daughter grows up, her life seems threatened by arrest. But then the two spontaneously buy an old farmhouse and move to the country. They can be on a friendship with Adam (Sergi Lopez), the blind mayor and his wife Eva (Amira Casar) is a fascinating one for them and explore very different way of life.
Peindre ou Faire l’Amour / Paint or Make Love is after a few successful short films and the romantic comedy Un homme, un vrai, the second feature film of the two brothers Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu.

At the Paris Cinema 7.6. at 21.30 clock
at FaF 6.6. at 21.30 clock

Le Passage (2004)
Director: Eric Caravaca
After Thomas (Eric Caravaca), the body of his brother Richard (Remi Martin) has identified, he refuses to consent to his burial to give. With the request for some days to think he’ll be on the road to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. The award-winning actor Eric Caravaca has worked with musicians one of the main roles in Patrice Chéreau’s Son frère. With Le Passager he submits his first directorial work.

Cinema Paris at 6.6. by 19 clock
at FaF 4.6. at 21.30 clock

Les Petits-Fils (2004)
Director: Ilan Duran Cohen
A film about the tempestuous relationship between witty and (Guillaume Quatravaux) and his grandmother (Reine Ferrato), by Guillaume’s recently deceased mother, the urn is obscured. Born in Paris, Director Ilan Duran Cohen has already published three novels as a writer.

Cinema Paris at 5.6. by 19 clock
at FaF 7.6. by 21 clock

Le Passage de l’hiver (2005)
Director: Florence Moncorge-Gabin
The lives of three women in the French province in 1950. Monique (Catherine Frot), puts all their energy into the farm, which has left her husband back. Joan (Laura Smet), her daughter, however, hangs a life ahead as a teacher in the city. The head pharmacist Angèle (Mathilde Seigner), it’s all about men. One day, seasonal workers, Joseph (Grégori Deranger) comes into the yard, gets the lives of powerful women out of joint. Florence Moncorge-Gabin is the daughter of Jean Gabin. The feature film Le Passage de l’Été is her directorial debut.

Cinema Paris at 4.6. by 21 clock
at FaF 7.6. by 19 clock


L’Iceberg (Belgium, 2005)
Director: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy
As Fast Food manager Fiona (Fiona Gordon) includes one night in the cold storage room, awakens in her an irresistible desire for snow and ice. Family and work back letting them break up one morning to watch, accompanied by a deaf-mute seaman a real iceberg. Belgian comedy of a three-director team that also appears in the leading roles.

Cinema Paris at 4.6. by 19 clock
at FaF 3.6. by 17 clock

Snow White (Switzerland, 2005)
Directed by: Samir
coined by the Swiss drama about sex, parties and drug life of 20-year-old Nico (Julie Fournier), characterized by the meeting with rapper Paco (Carlos Leal) will change a lot. The Baghdad-born and now living in Switzerland since turned director Samir mid-80s and over 35 short feature films.

Cinema Paris at 3.6. by 19 clock
at FaF 4.6. by 17 clock

Arlit, Deuxième Paris (Benin, Niger, France, 2005)
Director: Idrissou Mora Kpai
documentary about the desert town of Arlit in northern Niger, which in the 1970s and ’80s experienced due to uranium mining, an economic flowering. In the wealthy “second Paris” pulled it then people from many African countries. Because of the declining world price of uranium, the city now has to contend with the decay. Benin-born director studied at the School of Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” in Babelsberg. He now lives and works in Paris and Cologne.

At the Paris Cinema 4.6. by 17 clock
at FaF 5.6. by 17 clock

Memoires Affective (Quebec, 2004)
Director: Francis Leclerc
Canadian drama about the awakening from the long-term coma Alexandre Tourneur (Roy Dupuis), who discuss the consequences of memory loss and a painful dealing with the past has to fight. Memoires Affective is the second feature film by Francis Leclerc, who previously realized over twenty short films, and rotates the time for Canadian-based artist video clips.
Cinema Paris at 5.6. by 17 clock
at FaF 2.6. at 21.30 clock

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: 6. French Film Week in Berlin

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