Free Zone – Cannes 2005

Free Zone - Cannes 2005

Free Zone – Cannes 2005

  Amos Gitai is one of the figureheads of the new Israeli cinema, but his new movie Free Zone, which ran yesterday in competition at Cannes, has done little to strengthen and sustain that reputation. Long to make other young Israeli directors notable films with innovative style, wit, audacity and a very sharp political mind, all ingredients that tells you missed in Freezone painful.

Free Zone, the story of the young American’s Rebecca ( Natalie Portman), who has come to Jerusalem because of her fiance. But now the relationship is over, and Rebecca wants to go away as quickly as possible, no matter where. On her flight she gets into the taxi by Hanna (Hanna Laslo), which serves the confused American in the “Free Zone” according to Jordan, to take up a large sum of money for her husband. A trip is an odyssey that eventually, and at a …
damn boring
Ponderous and awkward, therefore, is Amos Gitai’s new film, a parable about the situation in some way with meaning Israel, the deeper meaning of the sleepy viewers however, remained hidden. The technical and visual deficiencies, which can offer the film to be surpassed only by the dialogues, the sentimental and dull and can hardly be such as to cast a wider perspective on the situation of Israel, as well Gitai intended. According to The Hollywood Reporter wrote a little nasty, but for the majority of viewers correctly on Amos Gitai’s new work: If there were a prize for worst film of the competition, Free Zone would be a hot candidate on it. “The fact remains hardly add anything. And the rest is silence …

Title: Free Zone – Cannes 2005 Country of production: Israel Year of production: 2005 Length: 94 (Min)

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