Fraulein Stinnes travels around the world

Fraulein Stinnes travels around the world
               Genre: Drama, Adventure Film
  Even today, this woman is a true legend and an icon of the early automobile. In 1927 Clärenore Stinnes, daughter of the previous three years late Hugo Stinnes, industrial baron broke up with a standard 6 eagles, both jointly with the Swedish cameraman Carl-Axel Soderstrom and an accompanying truck go around the world. The two technicians at the Frankfurt Adler Works broke the trip as early as in Russia, so that the rest of his world tour of the brave, was then mastered just 26 years old driver and her companion alone and without technical support. In the early days of the automobile in which it lacked almost everything that had today makes the life of the motorist, the sensational. Especially as no man had dared this adventure on four wheels ever. New to the time but was also the media’s exploitation of the whole tour lasted two years – thanks to the cameraman traveled with Söderström, including the previously worked with Garbo had caused many hours of material, so that celebrated 1931 documentary in the car with two worlds in the German cinema’s premiere. This film and the extensive photographic collection and the hitherto largely unpublished diaries of Clärenore Stinnes and Carl-Axel Soderstrom also form the backbone for Erica von Moeller docudrama Fraulein Stinnes travels around the world, exactly 80 years after the return of the courageous pilot, and her companion after Berlin, the great journey tracing.

The daughter of the controversial coal-king and politician Hugo Stinnes (1870-1924) moved in 1924 to his father’s death from the Ruhr to Berlin, while her brothers at home, which they had driven out of the company, the former empire in quickly ruined. Meanwhile Clärenore in Berlin made a very different way to talk about herself, she was one of those daring women in their twenties, which is provided to their male competitors behind the wheel on the racetrack wild duels. And Clärenore was one of the most successful Automobilistinnen their time: Between 1925 and 1927, she won 17 races, including the “All-Russian road test”, which she played the only female pilot. And it was certainly the racing success that it earned for its automotive world tour in the necessary support. The Frankfurt-based Eagle Works presented the car at your disposal. And various industrial companies (from the company of family, but it gave no money) presented a total of 100,000 Reichsmark available to finance the adventure.

The route led through the Balkans and from Russia, Afghanistan and crossed the Gobi Desert once traversed the entire American continent, and finally ended on 24 June 1929 in Berlin. In the course of two years Clärenore Stinnes and her cameraman Carl-Axel Soderstrom had traveled total of 48,000 kilometers, had braved the extreme winters of Siberia, as well as enormous heat, had survived several breakdowns and risky situations, disease and attacks. And – the first on the return, however, remained hidden from the public – from the unequal companions had become a couple, married for the Söderströms divorced his first wife and then on a farm managed in Sweden.

A little glamorous, a real adventure from the early days of automobile travel, countless hazards, an emancipated and headstrong woman who prevails against all odds, and of course the love that stops abruptly during the trip – all indeed are the ingredients that need a really great movie story. And just because it’s a little disappointing how little Erica Moeller makes of this story: The most succinct text panels that provide just the minimum of the necessary background information, and to transport the rather bumpy staged scenes hardly a precise information, much for emotion. Even an outstanding actress like Sandra Hueller acts in several scenes imaginable pale and unconvincing. By the charisma of the resistant Clärenore Stinnes, who was in the twenties actually the prototype for the new assertiveness of women is something rarely seen on screen. Her partner, which can consist of Thomas Vinterberg’s Dogme drama The Feast known Bjarne Henriksen due to lack of resemblance to the historical model hardly convincing. Also disconnect it from the historical model about 15 years: Henriksen is already 50, while Soderstrom was just 34 years old – an age difference that you look at the mime well. Nevertheless, there are the arguments put forward by him excerpts from the diaries Söderströms accompanying the remains worth seeing clips of the footage from the year 1931.

These snippets, which has alternated repeatedly with the scenes, even to see that even the original animation sequence in which (the eagle standard 6, the stations of the journey on a stylized map, despite the reduction, or perhaps because of) engaging in acts as a clean-researched history, but brittle overall reconstruction of the journey around the world.

In light of these numerous discrepancies affect the fact that it is not in the game scenes appearing in the car is an Eagle Standard 6 model, but with the almost identical Adler Favorit, more as a venial sin — after all, more than 80 years old car has been specially restored for the film and brought back to life. A similar diligence and vigor could have been wished for the realization of the game footage.

(Paul Collmar)

Title: Fraulein Stinnes travels around the world Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 90 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Real Fiction

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