Forever and you – An evening in memory of Rio Reiser

Forever and you - An evening in memory of Rio Reiser

For ever and you – An evening in memory of Rio Reiser

  Whether fan or not: Some Lyrics Rio Reiser, hardly anyone comes by. Also who the music of the singer and his band One Ton says little, knows yet broken slogans like “No power for nobody,” and “Do what makes you break” beyond its origin as the lyrics in the early 1970s almost to the slogans Political Left ongoing evolution. Now comes a tribute to the charismatic musician in the film, which has compiled the former band manager Elser Maxwell from a variety of materials.

In the wild west Berlin in 1970 Ralph Christian Möbius, who calls himself based on the famous novel development Anton Reiser by Karl Philipp Moritz Rio Reiser later founded, with three other musicians around the eight p.m., the band One Ton, whose songs and performances make quickly in the musical as well as the political scene in Germany for some attention. The rock sound of this band, in addition to the Rio guitarist RPS Lanrue, Wolfgang Seidel, the drummer and bassist Kai Sichtermann include sets in combination with a predominantly German-speaking, socially critical texts unusual new accents in the German music scene, and quickly formed on the basis of their political statements to connect to the squatters’ milieu and some other more or less radical left movements of those times. What trigger the shards with her style and the critical engagement especially Rio Reiser is so avant-garde as provocative and bestowed a rapid popularity of the band, which moves in a range from enthusiasm to hostility. How influential will be assessed these political activities of an official body, shown by the fact that Reiser is even monitored by the Federal Criminal Police Office, after his death, the Authority expresses condolences to the dispatcher: “Of those who have accompanied him ever .”

mid-1970s, runs the band plays with an expanded and different combinations, withdrew from the social churning Berlin to North Friesland, where in Fresenhagen founded with some fellow musicians, a municipality with almost legendary reputation. As successful as she is – not down, the commercial suggests, justified partly by their own refusal to market themselves, and partly through boycotts of the music industry and radio stations, in addition to ignoring the protest songs, as the love songs consistently. The formation of the first German independent labels, the David vernacular production, it can not save from financial ruin, so that ultimately dissolve the pieces in 1985.

This year, Rio Reiser started his solo career, which he Finally, with songs such as June Moon and King of Germany at all levels and success that quickly repay the accumulated debt of the fragments is capable of. Here are committed and the singer’s turbulent times, marked by musical and political machinations – Reiser worked as actor, musician, composes film music and joined after the collapse of the PDS.

On 20 August 1996 Rio Reiser died at the age of 46 years, according to a cardiovascular collapse from internal bleeding. His former home in Fresenhagen now serves as the venue and is available as a studio artist, and not a few fans on a pilgrimage to the small Frisian town to visit the resting place of restless musician too.

As controversial, diverse and idiosyncratic as Rio Reiser’s personality are the representations that are posthumously published about him. On the occasion of his 10 Death presents the documentary now and forever – An evening in memory of Rio Reiser based on excerpts from readings of the biographies of Kai Sichtermann Hollow Skai and a loving, but also critical portrait of the man, his band and his lifestyle, which included the inordinate consumption of alcohol and other drugs belonged. Supplemented by interviews with former members of the fragments, some of which have joined the One Ton Family, and by film recordings by Egon Bunne, who lived for four years in the community of the band and now is a professor of media design, directed the cinematic homage certainly primarily to fans. But while they transported so subjective its design may be, an exciting and moving testimony of German (musical) history mainly from those turbulent days of the 1970s.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: For ever and you – An evening in memory of Rio Reiser Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2006 Length: 80 (min) of material: Salzgeber

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