Football Under Cover

Football Under Cover

Football Under Cover

  Jubilation chants, folk festival mood – that is familiar from many stages. But in this game of football, everything is different: in the stands and the pitch of them women, the players with a headscarf and long trousers. About the first game of a German women’s team against the Iranian national team have turned Ayat Najafi and David Assmann an impressive documentary.

The story sounds incredible, but it is true. In Iran, women can actually play football. This will see the mullahs reluctantly or not at all, because men have to stay outside anyway. But the power play of girls and young women is so great that they have now won their own league. Not a bad hit in a country where the “headscarf important than the game ‘when she heard the grim-faced, is clad entirely in black Sittenwächterinnen.

By coincidence Assmann from the Iranian national team, which always play only train, but may not because the government can no foreign opponents into the country. Marlene is a link to the defender BSV AL-Dersimpor in Berlin-Kreuzberg and studied assembly at the Konrad Wolf Film Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg. They had in common with the young Iranian director Ayat Najafi an idea: Do not ask why at times the mullahs, whether because the dribble artists from Kreuzberg to her colleagues in Tehran should perhaps give a bit of match practice.

It was as cheeky as naive . So send us the adventure film with a through-ball into a foreign country and a culture that is neither Western nor penetrate from the Iranian point of view so completely. “In Iran everything is in Iran is impossible and everything is possible,” says Ayat Najafi, who is acting not only behind but also before the camera, namely, as an Iranian man and Contact Helpers Organization of Marlene. How verdribbeln the actors in the jungle nearly authorities, as they festrennen into a wall of Wadentretern tricksters and experience and how they barraging with offensivfreudigem cheers anyway – that makes us the film from the inside. It builds to a tension that can almost forget that this is a documentary. And that’s all that really happened, from Marlene’s first trip to Tehran in 2005 until the whistle Understanding in April 2006.

Football Cover attaches to the cleated shoes of four young women, two Berliners and two Iranians. He attended the meeting of thought acting with Marlene Narmila rebellious and emotional, he tells of the passion of football Susu aggressive and ambitious Nilofaar. He tells of the entirely different circumstances and the not so dissimilar motives. For all four of the sport is an incentive to stay on the ball to go through with one thing and maintain itself, not least in relation to men. Football is a bit of freedom, not only for Iranian women.

And so we see in one of the most beautiful settings, such Narmila trained alone in a small forest: You umdribbelt the trees, they can slip the ball lightly, they almost staggers through the green. “Football releases hormones of happiness,” says her Berlin colleague Susu. But he also awakens the spirit of contradiction. When the Iranian spectators at half time their team celebrate with joy dances, the spokeswoman for the stadium because of the lustful and merry mood of nervous. It prohibits the “improper conduct”. The women listen to while dancing, but now they chanting political slogans from the fundamental right to go into the stadium, and the inequality of the sexes. Somehow, in women is different simply everything.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Football Under Cover Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 86 (Min) of material: Flying Moon Film Distribution GbR

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