Flushed Away

Flushed Away

Flushed Away

  The dark days are gone. Outside, giant illuminated Christmas trees and gloomy afternoon indoors on the Kinoweinländen start time for the Christmas season, the colorful cartoon time. Popcorn, soft drinks and computer-animated fairy tale movie so do not just children’s hearts beat faster, films like Hoodwinked conspiracy, The Ugly Duckling and Me & Flushed Away promises fun for the whole family. Here we go with Flushed Away / Flushed Away, a story about the little mouse Roddy luxury that is involuntarily flushed through the whirlpool, or rather on the toilet in the subterranean sewers of London. The original English title “Flushed Away,” that is “Flushed”, meets the fate of mice better, but Flushed Away is already promised that it slips neatly into this film, and hisses, slides and sprays.

, The animation studio Aardman and Dreamworks have developed for Flushed Away / Flushed Away, a gigantic underworld, a small London amid dirty sewers and manholes. This sounds not just in romantic, but Aardman, famous for its lovingly designed Knetfiguren from the Wallace and Gromit short films, has also designed for her new movie channel very sweet critters. It’s full of mice, rats, toads, snails and fish, which are all completely out of the computer. Aardman and Dreamworks have worked together for the third time. Together they have hunted in Hens Chicken Race (2000) and rabbits in Wallace & Gromit: In Pursuit of the Were-Rabbit (2005 ).

If computer animated throughout, the film bears the unique signature of the Aardman studios in directed by David Bowers and Sam Fell: an intricate equipment, meticulously animated creatures with a wealth of emotions, facial expressions and emotions, a good dose of humor, dynamism and a lot of satirical allusions to contemporary British society. It’s fun with Roddy nozzle through the underworld to discover red double-decker buses düsende bridges over water, to experience a blinking miniature Piccadilly Circus and bustle and stroll, as on Oxford Street.

The choice of Speaker has succeeded. Hugh Jackman lends his voice in the original Roddy. Jackman is currently very restless, and he speaks a penguin in Happy Feet, plays a starring role in Woody Allen’s Scoop – The Scoop, and he will soon be seen in Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain too. Jackman was offered the way, the role of James Bond. If he had it instead of Daniel Craig received, would have no time for the many other engagements have been. But at least there are Flushed Away / Flushed Away Bond much action in the animation format and allusions to movies like the Terminator. The German dubbing voice of Roddy is that of Ralf Bauer. Rita’s voice takes on German Kate Winslet and Jessica Black. Wonderfully speak French accent of Le Frog, the Jean Renoir in the original and Frank Otto Schenk in the German version.

Harry Gregson-Williams, who has already dreamed up the score, the Shrek movies put together for Flushed Away / Flushed away a groovy soundtrack: the Jets will be replaced by the Dandy Warhols, Tina Turner and the cute night singing slugs. A fast-paced mix just as the storm chases, where Roddy and Rita are on the run from the big-mouthed Toad underworld boss and his killer rats. Flushed Away / Flushed Away promises an entertaining movie fun for young and old alike. And do not worry until the next animated film, it is indeed not much time.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Flushed Away Original Title: Flushed Away Country of production: USA Year of production: 2006 Length: 92 (Min) of material: UIP

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