Flandres – Cannes 2006

Flandres - Cannes 2006

Flandres – Cannes 2006

  Bruno Dumont is one of those filmmakers who are constantly in Cannes on the board, but the big breakthrough has been made to the Frenchman, however, what his new film Flandres will hardly change. For many critics and viewers of the film, the antithesis of Alejandra Gonzalez Iñárritu elegantly and movingly staged movie Babel, it seems, despite all the drama and symbol hovering for.

Was somewhere in Flanders, the hulking young farmer living Andre Demester (Samuel Boidin). Demester is incapable of his feelings for the young Barbe (Adelaide Leroux express), and so seek their fortune, not only in Demesters poor, but also with other men. Are sent when the farmer and one of his competitors called Blondel (Henri Cretel) in an unspecified war designated in the desert, to break the raw instincts of the young soldiers on abruptly. You rape a young Arab woman, but when the soldiers themselves were captured, turns the tables on and now it is on their enemies to torment them. And offers even the safe return Demesters hardly cause for relief.

The mirror was Bruno Dumont (29 Palms, L’Humanité) competition entry appalling and did not stint on caustic arguments. The Stuttgarter Zeitung after all, recognizes the seriousness of Dumont’s intentions, although they too found the film more difficult to access. Variety shows of the actor’s performances very impressed when the Hollywood Reporter is hardly a good word to the Cannes also cool to a controversial film and it included a very short residence time predicted in a few cinemas – if at all.

Title: Flandres – Cannes 2006 Country of production: France Year of production: 2005 Length: 91 (Min)

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