Five Clock in the afternoon – At Five In The Afternoon

Five Clock in the afternoon - At Five In The Afternoon

Five Clock in the afternoon – At Five In The Afternoon

  The Taliban have been driven from power. For the young Noqreh, their God-fearing, conservative father and her sister-Leilomah a new life has begun. But the family is divided about what the new freedom.

Is convinced While his father faced women, in view of the fact that Kabul has become a wicked city and the country has lost the benefit Noqreh small new freedoms for themselves. Creeps Without that her father was supposed to remember anything about it like this every day, changes her inconspicuous flat shoes against white pumps and visited the reopened school for girls. When the teacher asks, who wants to be President of Afghanistan, once to report to three girls – including Noqreh. She begins to think about what you say and must do, as a Muslim to a popular president to be recognized.

, But her life while her little opportunity to pursue their dreams, because, with two chickens and donkey carts from the father’s family has nothing. Leilomahs little baby is malnourished and seriously ill, her husband has been missing for a long time in Pakistan. Not even a permanent home, the three, and sometimes live with Pakistani refugees in the war ruins of Kabul, sometimes in an airplane wreck, sometimes in an abandoned government palace. Noqreh meets a young poet, who has returned from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Noqreh asks him if Pakistan is ruled by a woman. And although the young man was not interested in politics, he finds the idea that once Noqreh could be President of Afghanistan, witty and fascinating. Although he is not sure whether the people of Afghanistan would rather choose a woman if she’s smiling in pictures or serious look – but at least he manages to convince one of them photographers, from Noqreh, “future president”, a few pictures to shoot.

Noqrehs Father has decided now to leave Kabul with his family to move into a “truly Islamic city”. Then news reaches him that his son stepped on a landmine in Pakistan and here has died. On the same day Noqreh learns in school by the death of a classmate. The next day leave Noqreh, and the father Leilomah Kabul. Because Leilomahs Baby hypothermia seems to burn out on the night of the last possession: the flaming donkey carts will again give a little heat. But in vain. After the father has buried his grandchild in the dry desert soil, he moved with his daughter and Leilomah further – to an uncertain future.

Five Clock in the afternoon, the first film since the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was filmed, is a moving work about exile, longing and desires in a country that looks like its human guidance and support, and is torn between tradition and leave. The haunting images of barely 23-year-old Samira Makhmalbaf shows, daughter of the Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf, the suffering and hopes in a country devastated by years of war. The film was his last year at the Cannes Film Festival honored with both a Special Jury Prize and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury.

Title: Five Clock in the afternoon – At Five In The Afternoon Country of production: France, Iran Year of production: 2002 Length: 105 (min) of material: Alamode Film

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