Filmmuseum Frankfurt shows photographs by Jim Rakete in the exhibition “1

Filmmuseum Frankfurt shows photographs by Jim Rakete in the exhibition 1

Filmmuseum Frankfurt shows photographs by Jim Rakete in the exhibition “1

  The actor Sebastian Koch as a rocker, producer Bernd Eichinger with a cool black sunglasses, the director Fatih Akin in the rain – the pictures Jim Rakete Film Museum in Frankfurt, stand out like a Who’s Who of the German film industry.

The photographer, who on 1 Born on January 1951 as a rocket Gunther in Berlin and, after ten years as manager of the Nina Hagen Band, Spliff by, Nena, and many other musicians turned back to photography, is considered one of the best portrait photographer in Germany. Among his models are not only long been a musician or a movie star, but also politicians like Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Stein Meier, fashion designers like Giorgio Armani and writers such as Martin Walser. When Jim Rakete asked for the photo session, let the powerful, the stars and celebrities to ask not for long.

In spite of great spontaneity during the preparation and selection of images is not rocket name at one point certainly understand as a program – and the concerns Recording: 1 / 8 seconds, the exposure time is of the pictures, is in photographic dimensions The half an eternity. In the digital era missiles has meticulous way of working just as antiquated as his Linhof plate camera. These memory chips, or any exposed roll films, but silver plates, as they already Louis Daguerre (1787-1851), one of the pioneers of photography, is used.

Is no surprise that rockets in Frankfurt issued portraits, most of which are in in 2007, emerged in spite of its unique positioning in the present, especially in the thirties, forties and fifties, remember the golden days of Hollywood and big photographers like Laszlo Willinger, George Hurrell and Clarence Sinclair Bull, as Jim is willing to rocket His pictures tell stories and share movies in the viewer’s mind in motion. A project that can do it perfectly, and has therefore found at the Film Museum the perfect setting.

Sometimes, the photographer is suffering under the constraints of his profession, which does not swivel, and no camera movement as the film – he calls it “the dilemma of narrowing. But the reduction to a single moment and selected section is at the same time Jim Rakete greatest strength. Like no other photographer, he understands it through patience and experience to build a trusting relationship with the portrait subjects and to guess the right moment to reveal the behind the pose of the soul of the sitter: “With Jim we have always felt that one gives something to him. And he takes it gratefully, “says the actor Otto Sander in the documentary shown in the exhibition My Life – Jim Rakete by Claudia Mueller a special magic.

The subtitle of “Familiar Stranger” to the noteworthy Showcase explained by the selection of the person portrayed. Firstly, Jim has asked missile longtime friends and acquaintances before the camera, which he has taken over the years again and again. And then there are, as yet strangers who challenged the curiosity of the photographer. Besides the many familiar faces of German cinema are also international stars like Natalie Portman or an unusually pensive-looking young players such as Quentin Tarantino and Adrian Serioux in the Frankfurt Filmmuseum seen. Nevertheless, the comprehensive exhibition of 74 pictures gives an extremely homogeneous, and also because the film offers a profound insight into the working rocket.

“We’re probably the last generation that can take pictures in this way,” says rocket little of the digital effects and extravagant productions continues. Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to get any more the needed footage, laments the portraitist mean for the manifold possibilities of the digital post-processing the “death of photography”. For since the PC can retouch everything, it depends on the concentration of the photographer at the studio no longer on.

And so his paintings are not only fascinating portraits of stars from film, music and art. They are also nostalgic, melancholy and incredibly authentic insights into the present, which is gone tomorrow irretrievably lost.

The exhibition at the German Film Museum in Frankfurt is still to 4th Be seen in January 2009 and is supplemented by an accompanying series of events with interviews and films. Accompanying the exhibition is published by Schirmer Mosel, and a catalog, it costs 68 euros. For more information

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Filmmuseum Frankfurt shows photographs by Jim Rakete in the exhibition “1 Original Title: 8 sec Eyes

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