Federico cherries

Federico cherries

           Federico cherries
               Genre: Drama, Comedy
               Spain, tourists, farmers, unemployment, pollution, power plant

A calf named Kyoto

  Sometimes there are coincidences that guide the destinies of people in certain orbits. It happens to the Scottish author Pol Ferguson (Gary Piquer), the gondelt with his rickety mobile home by the Spanish province, to write a guidebook. And when we see this guy with long gray hair and trekking sandals, one can think of quickly that this is less an art guide and more about a work for backpackers and dropouts. Pols withdrawal happens but not quite voluntarily – as his precarious vehicle gives up somewhere in the spirit of Asturias, his journey takes an entirely different course than that he originally had in mind. After all, who slows down the step, continue, with people coming into contact, who enters the changed perspective sees, suddenly other things – and find at the end maybe even true love.

When Gary after his breakdown, the first-home He is inspired by chance witness the birth of a small calf, which according to the will of his birth is named Kyoto – from the 1997 adopted the Kyoto Protocol to limit the emissions of harmful emissions and greenhouse gases. The name of the young cattle is not chosen by chance. After all, does the farmer Federico (Celso Bugallo), who owns the property, must be protected for 30 years in a bitter struggle against the adjacent coal power plant, before its dangerous fallout even his cherry trees using transparent screens. The adopted in Japan Convention supplementary to the protection of the environment, it should now be focused and make the final mud sling stone dead. Fascinated by the stubborn persistence of the man who points out in his persistent and often lonely battle against the power station to Don Quixote decides to stay Pol. Deeper and deeper he penetrates into the established structures of a village, the residents learn with all their quirky idiosyncrasies know, learns of the futile efforts of a couple to become pregnant and eventually falls in love herself in Cristina, who has really taken off men fed .

Although José Antonio Quirós with his film Federico cherries (the Spanish Original Cenizas del cielo refers to the ashes of the power plant, which falls from the sky) maintains a very serious concern, the movie gets, thanks to more than sloping village community to a light and sometimes winking pleasure that is reminiscent of the famous predecessors Local Hero by Bill Forsyth of the year 1983. Here, as there is about the only supposedly stubborn resistance villagers against the exploitation of nature and the struggle of rural structures against the conscience of the industry. For all the charm of the rustic villagers: If one of episodic insertions are disregarded, the film holds few surprises for all the heat in itself, quickly, one suspects as a spectator, where the narrative going. In addition, the end of Federico’s gets cherries whole, quite abruptly, which irritates the face of deliberate narrative flow rather then just a little. Overall, however, is a solid cherry Federico staged sometimes adorable winking, then again a little mundane eco-feel-good comedy that both entertains and to present their concerns charming – knows no more, no less.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Federico cherries Original Title: Cenizas del cielo Country of production: , Spain Year of Production: 2008 Length: 96 (Min) Distribution: W film

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