FC Venus – Soundtrack

FC Venus - Soundtrack

FC Venus – Soundtrack

  The unofficial soundtrack to the 2006 Football World Cup gives the film FC Venus. Interested in one hand, the round, which is not in the square, are the 19 tracks to accompany the domestic first-class evening barbecue. Sweets with classics like “Ballroom Blitz” Steams “Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye,” or the opener “One year (it goes ahead)” by the false colors, there are a bunch of newer songs. Highlights are clearly the Sportfreunde Stiller with her anthem “I Roque and Virginia, now with” from good parents, “the best song from their first album. Nothing new, but still.

Bosshoss schönerweise are represented with two songs from her upcoming, second album. The foreign body is absolutely Christine Anderson with “There is a train to nowhere.” Score music there is to hear. When there were the Morricone-bow “spaghetti Suite” and two other pieces by composer Oliver Biehler.

Should be mentioned even the ubiquitous Rosey, with their hit “I am I die (We are we are) represented, Deicide, who were already better than” Silver Willow Park “and The Cardigans, where one of their evergreen “My favorite game” before anything can go wrong.

A thoroughly successful soundtrack, which really offers little new, but variety is the grill and party DJ for an hour paid break.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: FC Venus – Soundtrack

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