Father Of Invention

Father Of Invention

Father Of Invention

               Genre: Comedy
               Inventor, father-daughter relationship, homelessness, ruin, Berlinale 2010, Damages

A man once again re-invents itself …

  After Trent Cooper’s debut film was Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector recorded in 2006 in the U.S. umpteen times its production costs, bought him for Kevin Spacey’s second feature film, Father of Invention and the budget and even the lead role. Right conditions to ensure increased profitability this time. In the script, however, varies only a favorite, as proven Theme: The emotional rapprochement between two people, after a self-made one first had as a family man and fail properly and professionally.

The movie should begin to bear the title of Robert Reinventing Axle . This Robert Axle (Kevin Spacey) has really good reason to invent themselves anew. He initially presents itself still in an infomercial spot as a media-covered figurehead and inventor of whimsical gadgets that mankind has needed just yet. The pepper spray with built-in camera for the photo evidence is still a relatively harmless product of his ingenuity. The home trainer, however, the sit-ups coupled with channel-switching on the TV, which is a very special invention that Robert Axle career breaks his neck, as it has cost many people a finger. The inventor did not just count on the laziness and the resulting handles of the people, which has earned him eight years in prison and half of its assets for compensation payments does.

Frischentlassen So he stands there, this Robert Axle: no money and no job, but with the firm conviction that he can come with only one single good idea back where he came from. But right now, he sits on the street. His wife (Virginia Madsen), now lives on the other half of his fortune and with a new better half in his house. In addition to the homeless shelter is the only point of contact his daughter (Camilla Belle). But the talk is on since childhood professional reasons, of course, absent father is not good. And her two roommates, especially the powerful “Hello-I-am-a-lesbian” named Fibbi (Heather Graham), first make his life any easier. But Robert Axle initially followed somewhat hesitantly, but then steadfastly on his way.

Just as in Robert Axles inventions come together in this independent comedy things that do not fit together properly. Who would have thought that one “Jackass” Johnny Knoxville and Kevin Spacey would see in a movie together. Or that Virginia Madsen as an actress really turns out to sing and even to dare.

Above all, this makes a surprisingly composed and brilliantly together Leading Cast on a screenplay that has, unfortunately, offer much less surprising. The tried and tested theme of father-daughter rapprochement is being systematically carried out by a known pattern. The sound staging is based on Hollywood comedies, a la Billy Wilder. Here the story is spiced up with some cruder jokes, which are celebrated with a good sense of timing and even the classic slapstick is shown to his bow. Throughout the staging of the actors has large room for development, which they use wonderful to know.

And in the end you can see, thanks to Kevin Spacey’s outstanding performance (in some daring and become very successful outfit), even happy over the fact that the implementation of the theme to their climax, finally, in an already too often seen situation must be found: In this one, all-important speech before a large business audience that the speaker finally uses this to show his moral change for the better man. Where of course the one to whom this message is really intended, quite by chance is also present.

(Kirsten Kieninger)

Title: Father Of Invention Country of production: USA Year of production: 2010 Length: 94 (Min)

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