Fateless – Berlinale Competition 2005

Fateless - Berlinale Competition 2005

Fateless – Berlinale Competition 2005

  Was not received in yesterday’s presentation of the competition Hungarian film Fateless-nominated by the book Fateless by Imre Kertész. The film had followed after Heights by Chris Terrio had surprisingly withdrawn with Glen Close to participate in the competition. But the high expectations on the film version of the globally acclaimed novel have not been fulfilled yesterday.

Imre Kertész has survived as a teenager, the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Buchenwald. From the perspective of adolescent boys, the novel film depicts in detail the path accurately, picked up the Jewish population in Budapest during World War II: from the compulsory purchase of the yellow star on the sewing of the garments to the deportations, and the various stations in Auschwitz Buchenwald and Zeitz, the liberation of the camps and return to the postwar Budapest. Enter

The attempt to shock the new, as yet unknown images that are to some extent show the inner world of a concentration camp inmate, was only partially successful, for some of the guerrilla group was almost – almost – continuous sepia-colored veil which was above the suffering. But that’s not enough. On the edge of the images were not bearable, but it tormented the pompous and cheesy orchestration Ennios Moricone which unerringly every poignant moment of the film with sugary sauce poured. With so much emotional Direktangriff many viewers stayed cold despite it depressing and moving ahead of the issue and left the room, which is equivalent to a maximum sentence.

Title: Fateless – Berlinale competition Min 2005 Country of production: Germany, Hungary, Great Britain Year of production: 2004 Length: 130 ( )

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