Stephen Fleming (Jeremy Irons) has made in London as a political career. From his many years of marriage with his wife Ingrid (Miranda Richardson), two children: a daughter and son Martyn (Rupert Graves) who stands at the beginning of a promising journalistic career. At a reception Fleming meets the attractive Anna Barton (Juliette Binoche) and is immediately fascinated by her. She introduces herself to him as Martyn’s new girlfriend, the two young men on the verge of engagement. Nevertheless, Fleming pulls it out with irresistible passion for Anna, who devotes herself to him just as passionately. Fleming followed Anna to Paris, where she spends a weekend with Martyn. In his family, no one suspected something of the fateful relationship. On the eve of the wedding with Anna Martyn plays his father the keys to an apartment she has secretly hired for future meetings. Thus, the drama takes its course, will be at the end of the death of a man, the end of a career, and the complete dissolution of a family.

Both Jeremy Irons as the prototype of a British politician dominated Juliette Binoche, as well as a daughter-in-law and the object of his desire work in this film incredibly controlled, if they even apart from the love scenes. All their actions are designed to give the outward appearance of an intact family and a proper dealing with each other, even if the reality of her now almost incestuous relationship is a totally different. Respect, is doom also and above all a film about life lies of bourgeois society and the fragility and hypocrisy behind many a facade of respectability and self-control. Especially the sex scenes encountered in some countries – for example in the U.S. – a lack of understanding and made the film a target of conservative critics and censors. But just give it to the drama of the sinking convicted amour fou, the degree of desperation and instability that can eventually be fatal, the eponymous felt. Even in the delirium of passion, the lovers act like puppets in a game whose backgrounds they do not see through. A little annoying is only the final, whose clenched melodrama of the cold analysis of a failure increases the sharpness and the film is crowned with a bitter-tasting frosting.


Title: doom Original Title: Damage – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: France, Great Britain Year of production: 1992 Length: 106 (Min)

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