Fast Food, Fast Women – TV-Tip of the Week

Fast Food, Fast Women - TV-Tip of the Week

Fast Food, Fast Women – TV-Tip of the Week

  For many, even in the 40th Birthday something of a watershed, an impending date on which life has taken a final decision. If we think at least. Not so for the New York waitress Bella (Anna Thomson), it threatens the troubles earlier because she felt the powerful ticking biological clock. If she wants to start a family, then she has no longer such a long time, but her current lover is married, and thus falls flat. When she finally learns the unsuccessful writer Bruno (Jamie Harris to know), Bella will not frighten him, they conceal their fertility and thus pretends to be cool Kinderhasserin. What they do not know, however: Bruno himself has two children, which he then concealed it for fear that she might reject him for this. Life’s too complicated sometimes …

feel the same is also regulars at Bella’s Diner comes with the telling name of “Fast food, fast women” – the strange name of the custom of serving food on roller. Also, they have hopelessly caught in the snares of love. Who is also hopelessly caught in the snares of love: The widower Paul (Robert Modica), for example, must be the loving overtures of Emily (Louise Lasser), defend or abandon the resistance of his life if he does not want to spend alone. And his fellow-sufferer Seymour (Victor Argo) has a crush in a stripper named Wanda (Valerie Geffner), which is not only a lot younger than he, but even after working hours can not stop withdrawing their strip show for voyeurs of the neighborhood . A lovely Cage aux Folles, therefore, the lies, all it’s worth, not just to be alone.

Fast Food, Fast Women is an amusing and light-footed comedy single by Amos Kollek, is after Sue – A woman in New York again, his muse Anna Thomson in the middle of the action and with this film a magical Ode to the City of New York and its quirky and lovable people succeed. An urban love story with no false sentimentality, but with much warmth and magic.

Title: Fast Food, Fast Women – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: France, USA, Italy Year of production: 2000 Length: ( #) 90 (Min)

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