Farther than the moon – Verder dan de maan

Farther than the moon - Verder dan de maan

Continue as the moon – Verder dan de maan

  Why God, it suggests that Americans want to land on the moon and disturb him with it in his heavenly rest? This is one of the questions that occupy the nine-year Caro (Neeltje de Vree), growing up in 1969 on a farm in a small village of Holland. The lunar landing of Apollo 11 is imminent, but that is not the only problem, which needs to grapple with the girl.

She has also very concerned about her erratic father (Huub) stack, which is really a fine person who is drunk regularly, but delivered at home by the police. Apparently it is growing responsibility for the growing family – the sixth child is on the way – over the head. And also the requirements of the latest findings in the pig overstretch him visibly, so that his wife and children have to take over the operation of the farm. When Caro’s first communion, finally draws closer, the girl agreed with her father, that this sets the booze, if they in turn learn to swim. Because of the water it has a lot more than before, that God might be angry. As one night with the guilt of their father’s death, all pigs, Caro has enough, she makes sure that in the long-dysfunctional family finally a decision is …

While in this country in children’s films there is often enough to enjoy peace, pancakes, dedicates itself to the Belgian director Stijn Coninx especially the dark side of childhood that are otherwise too often nostalgically trimmed. But despite the odds more than the moon is not an exclusive problem of film, but convinces by its balance between entertainment and highlighting abuses and their consequences. Particularly notable is how the film, the religious ideas of the small Caro and her growing mistrust converts to God. When acting ensemble in addition to convincing the Dutch film stars Huub Stapel and Johanna ter Steege especially the small Neeltje de Vree differentiated by their game.

Title: Go when the moon – Verder dan de maan Country of production: Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium Year of production: 2003 Length: ( #) 105 (min) of material: Movienet

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