66/67 – fair play was yesterday

66/67 - fair play was yesterday
               Genre: Drama
  What were the blissful days when Eintracht Braunschweig, one of the cult clubs of the sixties and seventies, was in the 1966/67 season, German champion. Meanwhile, the club is, who introduced in 1973 as the first club shirt advertising and recruited for a herb liqueur, whose emblem was quickly integrated into the club crest, on the 3rd League. From the former glory but little is left. As the six men who were not even born at the time of Eintracht Meisteritel, but hardly disturbing. As a sign of their commitment to the club they can burn themselves the magic numbers of the title gains in the skin directly over the heart – and remember not that long ago auseinanderbewegen their biographies. Football is no longer the glue that holds together their friendship, but rather the fear of growing up, before the decisions that queue for each of them. This anxiety, which all feel six, the uncertainty, she makes her way to the outside world in the form of senseless violence. And the adolescent fights also serve to turn a blind eye that the Ultras are nearing the end.

In addition to her passion for harmony and, above all, for the third term combines the six men early thirties very little to each other: Florian (Fabian Hinrichs) comes from an entrepreneurial family and is in accordance with the wishes of his father, the Chinese branch of the paternal Operating take his degree, he just made andenes but hidden under the bed. From his buddies still no one knows anything about these plans. The Gay Otto (Christoph Bach) who is concerned in addition to Florian especially the cohesion of the hooligan troupe, has since quite different problems. He is unemployed and seeks his kicks and distractions from his oppressive situation in HIV-infected parties, drugs and the violent excesses with his buddies. Carried away by their two leaders also hold Christian (Christian Ahlers), Henning (Maxim Mehmet), Misha (Aurel Manthei) and Tamer (Fahri Ogun Yardim) the fidelity of the ultras and meet every weekend for the games and the subsequent third term in Together they live out of their lust for violence. But the group still drifting apart more. Remove the more the mates of each other, the more excessive is the attempts to maintain the status quo …

as in Ken Loach’s film Looking for Eric, it is also in the new film by the Regieduos Carsten Ludwig (who incidentally is even from Brunswick, and for years was fan of the Harmony) and Jan-Christoph Glaser only peripherally about soccer, but rather how much can distract the Indentification with a club of their own weaknesses and problems. However, while precisely the social-Loach, weaves fairy-tale motifs and depicts his portrayals of precarious existence with kindness and warmth to put Ludwig & Glaser in her unsparing realism and film to abundantly sobering look at the lives of its protagonists.

With 66 / 67 – Fairplay was yesterday is the brainchild of two directors is a very powerful, enthralling, and crude-generation filmed portrait with some excellent performers in total, but suffers a bit from the fact that there is too much hineingepackt of events and people in this scenario. What makes some of the things suggested in the film, rather a woodcut appears to disappear and then re-sang to unsung. The restriction to a small clique in this case would surely have been a better solution that would leave more room for the individual figures.

Nevertheless, 66/67 – Fairplay was yesterday made a handsome film, who knows a lot to talk about mechanisms of repression, failed friendships and lifestyles and the time when the gap between the memories of the past and the fears before the future becomes especially clear. As an example of the behavior of hooligans one can not understand. Rather than portraits of young men in their thirties who steadfastly refuse to grow up. Until the life they caught and forces them to make decisions. Advised against this background of both the football and the extreme self-image of Holligan rather a minor matter.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: 66/67 – Fairplay was yesterday Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: 118 (min) ( #) Distribution: farbfilm Distribution

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