Eyal Sivan – Biography

Eyal Sivan - Biography

Eyal Sivan – Biography

  Eyal Sivan was born in 1964 in Haifa. He spent his youth in Jerusalem. There he also began his work as a photographer. In 1985 he emigrated to France and has since lived in Paris. With his move to the French capital, also began his work as a freelance filmmaker and writer.

Sivan’s first film Aqabat Jaber, Passing Through (1987), a documentary about Palestinian refugees, will include awards at the festival Cinéma du Réel in Paris, the Festikon Amsterdam, in Oakland, Belfort and Mannheim.

His other directorial works include Izkor, Slaves of Memory (1990; Others Investigation Prize, Marseille; Golden Lens, Tel Aviv), Israland (1991), Itgaber Will He Overcome (1993), Jerusalem, Borderline Syndrome (1994), Aqabat Jaber, Peace With No Return? (1995), itseme batsemba – Rwanda One Genocide Later (1996, Special Mention, Bilbao; Merit Winner, San Francisco Film Festival) and Burundi Understanding Terror (1997). (# )
from 1996 to 1999 Eyal Sivan is working on his film about the process, Eichmann A specialist who assembled exclusively from the film records of the proceedings in court. Premiered at the Berlinale in 1999, was the film, etc. awarded in Florence and Genoa, and the Adolf Grimme Prize in Gold. 2001 the short film was followed by au sommet de la descente and 2004, the Palestinian director Michel Khleifi, together with the resulting four-and controversial documentary Route 181 – Fragments Of A Journey In Palestine-Israel. Also in 2004, was created out of love for people to take stock of the GDR’s secret police Stasi.

Filmography – Eyal Sivan

Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel (Route 181 )
For Love of the People

Un spécialiste, portrait d \ ‘un criminel moderne (a specialist)

Itsembatsemba: Rwanda One Genocide Later (Burundi Understanding Terror)

Populations en danger

Aqabat Jaber: Paix sans retour?

Jerusalem: Le syndrome borderline

Itgaber: Le triomphe sur soi

Izkor: Les esclaves de la mémoire

Aqabat Jaber: Vie de passage

Title: Eyal Sivan – Biography

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