Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop

               Genre: Docudrama
               Graffiti, filmmaker, film within a film, the Berlinale 2010

The Phantom of Berlin

  Is he there? Perhaps he just sits next to me? At least so far, the Berlinale is a bit of the festival of absent directors. Roman Polanski, for instance, the result of his arrest can not be there. And now, just the legendary street art artist Banksy, from which there is no picture and very little is known. Although we see him in this film and also in a video message, but both times his face shrouded in shadow and a hood and the voice is distorted through electronic manipulation. The man loves the mystery. And that is certainly a part of the fascination.

Sun absence of artists from Bristol may be, his art is omnipresent. Of course, in London, but also in Paris and Los Angeles, his paintings and sculptures can be seen, and even the wall between Israel and the West Bank, he has already painted. Spectacular his sculpture of a Guantanamo detainee who he brought in a Disneyland Park, and thus triggered a hysterical security action.

Well, a film by, about and with Banksy. But actually in this case is not even a certainty. For actually is – then the film or at least the raw material it – by a crazed Frenchman named Thierry Guetta come, the money actually earned from Verhoek of second-hand clothes, but who has both the spleen, everything and everyone with a video camera hold. Coincidentally, it says the film suddenly stumbles Guetta on the phenomenon of street art and appears fascinated by the subversive works of art. Thanks to a chance acquaintance he immerses himself into the scene, learns types like Invader and Shepard Fairey know and especially the hunt for a man of whom no one knows what he looks like: Banksy, perhaps the best known and most successful street artists, whose pictures of kissing policemen , bring in anarchistic rats and the Queen in monkey now astonishing sums on the international art market. And then he meets him and is even for different actions in Los Angeles, his assistant – at least, the film asserts.

Because Guetta but with all the material he has accumulated over the years about street art, Banksy know what to do and stimulating, making it a movie that fails miserably, Banksy encourages the man with the old-fashioned whiskers to make themselves street artists. The background: Banksy will in time, are employed in the Guetta preparing for his big break on the art market, even with the material to work and compile as the ultimate film about the movement.

Whoever whatever be the author of the film, how much poetry and how much truth Whatever stuck there: Exit Through the Gift Shop is a subversive feature documentary about the artistic re-conquest of public space and more excited by the attitude that is behind the film, as by aesthetic qualities. Most shots are at night were just as secretly filmed having arisen as the illegal art actions, they document. Accordingly, fuzzy, blurry and badly lit, these scenes also. Because the film but the anarchic spirit of street art with a lot of humor and self-adheres and remains alone with his concept of a mystery over which you can splendid speculate maintains Exit Through the Gift Shop, and (the) equally informed. He had hoped for, as Banksy himself, the film would have on the street art movement, the same effect as Karate Kid for the martial arts. But in the end it was probably made more work, he adds, with grim humor, that was for street art, what Jaws did for water skiing. “I think it’s a good movie – as long as you have very low expectations,” it says further in his video message, which should really be declared as an integral part of this film. Because they meet the hype about the movie itself and around the artist once again accumulates to an ironic Volte.

Maybe he was still there? If this should have been the case, remember that the Berlin is certainly the fact that Banksy has left them one or more new works of art. The old Alexanderplatz were eventually disappeared again Geklaut removed or washed away. So: Keep your eyes on. You might soon see a real Banksy – currently somewhere in the cold streets of Berlin …

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Exit Through the Gift Shop Country of production: U.S., UK Year of production: 2010 Length: 86 (min) ( #)

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