Escalator down

Escalator down

Escalator descending

Escalator down , Young People by Hans-Georg Noack, published in 1974, one of the classics that are still read annually in thousands of schools. Meanwhile, the factory is located in the 13th Edition, and despite its strong anchorage in the spirit of the seventies, it still succeeds in history, after more than 30 years, the kids of today to captivate and inspire. A miracle that the movie was not filmed until today, but the author had been categorically rejected any adaptation for the screen. But then a group of students from Bonn, which had met in a theater company stepped up to him. Noack was so impressed by the enthusiasm of the students that he supported the project from now on every effort. In this way was probably one of the most unusual film projects this year. The director Dustin Loose is just 19 years old, his producer Christopher Zwickler only 2 years older.

Jochen (Timo Rüggeberg) is 13 years old and has few friends. His mother (Diana-Maria Breuer) has a job, so the boy is usually alone. In addition, there is the new boyfriend of his mother (Guido Renner), which is not understood Jochen. Actually, he longs for attention and security, but his family situation is about to run away. Jochen begins to steal out of boredom. Quickly joined by his classmate Alex (Justus Kötting) to him, and the two guys go together on a tour of the thieves department stores. With time and under the influence of Alex Jochen is getting bolder, until one day in the theft of an MP3 player is caught. Now the house blessing is definitely wrong, especially since Jochen few days later, Alex also reflected with a bottle, when he makes fun of him.

, Helpless and under the pressure of her partner Jochen’s mother finally agrees to an accommodation of her son in a care home. Here, the teacher Mr. Hamel (Jurgen Haug) with a strict hand there and treated like dogs entrusted to him proteges. Only to the nurse Maria (Giselheid Hönsch) Jochen trust holds, but when the boy kidnapped from a puppy exuberance, he destroyed even the last stop, which he has in the tense situation. The escalator on which was driven by Jochen so happy, all inevitably lead to break down, Jochen decides …

Of course, no down escalator is technically perfect film, and the game of the laity, supported by some professional actors be, is at first a little getting used to. But then the film develops a suction that until the end of voltage and ensures a strong national feeling of empathy. Admirably primarily on how well it manages the creators who work out many facets of the different characters. Dustin Loose sometimes falls into too boisterous games and so abruptly interrupted the otherwise very stringent course of action, but can the extremely professional and lifelike impression that detract from the film conveys is not. One senses formally that the makers can know exactly in front of and behind the camera and understand what moves the protagonist in his actual life situation and what afflicts him. A very good film for teenagers, and perhaps a first step towards the recognition that an integration of film into the curriculum – in association with instruction in other media – is long overdue. For the example of the escalator down is encouraging that could be better promoted by such a measure and practical projects.

Title: escalator descending Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2005 Length: 79 (Min) of material: ( #) Zorro film / movie world

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