Enzo Ferrari – The Movie

Enzo Ferrari - The Movie

Enzo Ferrari – The Movie

  Enzo Ferrari – but the sound of the name has already conjured up images that can blitzlichtartig snapshots caused by deep squat, aggressive-looking cars at tremendous speed, evoking smells like oil and burning rubber, lining the ear with the dull roar of a highly bred twelve-cylinder engine. And many a true car fan is even a picture of the “Commendatore” Enzo Ferrari come to mind, which was only rarely seen without his sunglasses legendary – from the numerous victories of the red racer from Maranello Quite apart. After several attempts and offers of variables such as Sydney Pollack and Sylvester Stallone has managed to Italian director Varlo Carlei getting from Ferrari’s son Piero approving a biopic about the great Enzo too. The result was a four-hour two-parter for Italian television, which will now be shown in abbreviated form in the German cinemas. Unfortunately, turns out to Enzo Ferrari – The Movie as completely uncritical Abfeiern a hero myth, which is classified more in the section “court reporter” and his subject well does not become righteous because he is the great Enzo approached with too much respect.

Enzo Ferrari are in it, all biographers agree, was an absolute ruler, sometimes even a despot who has his child ambitious and sometimes megalomaniacal goals all. His philosophy was – at least if one follows the film – of remarkable simplicity: Enzo wanted to build the fastest car in the world. That should be so was a deceptively simple goal until the ninetieth birthday sole power of genius such as Ferrari, is never justified, but simply asserts – as almost everything in this film. Perhaps it is mainly due to the original form as a two-part TV movie that much in the movie version is life Enzo Ferrari’s only hinted at in fast forward. That would be understandable, if not entirely different as the private life of “Commendatore moved widely covered in the epic breadth and tacky and Geigensoße doused in the style of a telenovela would be involuntary. In this way, the plot meanders from victory to scandal, from professional setbacks private dramas such as the death of his son Dino from his first marriage; stations of life, tells the old Enzo Ferrari a young journalist, it wants the frame story of the film. Despite this production of life report as confession is little room for truly self-critical, and much of Enzo Ferrari’s beliefs affect the choice of words so unspeakably dull and banal as the entire movie

For sheet metal and precious joy in particular for all not offer, “Charles K.”, this film should probably be mandatory, but who is no friend of the red racer from Maranello, the Enzo Ferrari’s – the film too. The idea of a young journalist who revealed the path of his model piece by piece, Citizen Kane has been so frequently used that such tricks have to be very well thought out to produce their full effect. Unfortunately, this is precisely what failed, and so does Enzo Ferrari – The film, like a fine sports car offering high class facilities in which clamps the circuit, on the second course of the film that is coming out at any time.

(Joachim short)

Title: Enzo Ferrari – The Movie Country of production: Italy Year of production: 2005 Length: 114 (Min) Rental: Globe Film Distribution

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