Engagement in a roundabout way

Engagement in a roundabout way

Engaged in a roundabout way

               Genre: Comedy, Romance
               Ireland, marriage proposal, Leap Year, a pub

marriages in Irish

  When leaving the movie theater has a desire deep impression: make sure a car trip through Ireland! This magnificent scenery, rugged coastline and picturesque lakes provide the perfect backdrop for your own road movie. In the adventures of the protagonist, however, would rather do without. For they have it in themselves.

, Anna (Amy Adams), a Boston high-society interior decorator, is frustrated: Since four years she has with her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott), a successful cardiologist, and still he has made her a proposal of marriage. When he gives her earrings again only instead of the desired engagement ring, she decides to take matters into their own hands.

According to an old Irish tradition she wants her lover, 29 February in Dublin to make a request. Jeremy is located exactly on that day at a convention in the city – of course, Anna will travel afterward. But as the German title suggests, love sometimes strange detours. Already on the plane are built up, the first obstacles. Turbulence impede the onward journey, and it must land the plane in Wales – Anna is desperate. They certainly did not want to miss the all-important date. In the world in which she lives, is the leap year, the only way for a woman, even in terms of marriage to become active. And wants to marry Anna necessarily.

Is why the really luxusverwöhnte American spares no effort. In business suits and high heels, they crossed the stormy ocean with a tiny boat, landing in a pub in the country and enlists the reluctant owner of pubs Declan (Matthew Goode), who agreed only because of money problems, driving the uninvited guests to Dublin.

But it is jinxed: At any mishap follows the next. The Community for Travelers condemned to sink her car missing, trains and be robbed. But neither the theft of her beloved Louis Vuitton suitcase still on their high heels sinking into ankle-dung Anna is staying – even when a hotel collapsed on her, she keeps the goal in mind: to get married at all costs!
( #) If you put off by the very conventional story is not possible, will be rewarded with comic situations every minute. Grumpy Irish drinkers give wisdom to the best at a wedding, Anna manages to ruin even the most joyous linedance, and when she and Declan find a place to stay will remain in their Catholic Ireland no alternative than to pose as a couple. A disaster for both that are not (yet) able to endure.

To a critical one should not proceed to the plot, however, too much staff and action remind one of the poorer Rosamunde Pilcher novels. The same message as the books are based on Anand Tucker’s film: men want their freedom, women want to be married. Given.

And also the further development follows the pattern of successful author. For several days on their odyssey across Ireland, the wealthy American, notes that even the simple life and the vigorous young man in a wool sweater has something for themselves. Money is not everything, and true love sometimes lies hidden there, where they never expected.

That the (natural sinks happy) end in Blur and sunset, meets all expectations. Anyone who loves light romantic comedies, will not interfere with the conservative plot yet – romance and humor aplenty, the film offers. And the familiar from numerous Hollywood productions, actors do their rest, to let love succeed in the film – Amy Adams is known from movies like Night at the Museum 2, Julie & Julia, Enchanted “and” Sunshine Cleaning, her fellow actor Matthew Goode in Match Point and was previously bye to see Brideshead Revisited.

(Claire Horst)

Title: engagement) in a roundabout way (# Original Title: Leap Year Country of production: U.S., Ireland Year of production: 2010 Length: ( #) 100 (min) of material: Kinowelt Film Distribution

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