End Of Love

End Of Love

End Of Love

  What begins with the purchase of pants, ends shortly afterwards in bed. Ming (Chi Kin Lee), a salesman in a clothing store, is based on Yan (Ben Yeung) not ask for a long time and takes him to his home. They are caught in the act of Ming’s mother shared with sex. Out of desperation, they jumped out the window. So begins the cinematic plight of Ming Oi Chun Sun / End Of Love by Hong Kong film director Simon Chung, is shown in the Panorama of the Berlinale.

Ming’s young, attractive and gay. Following the accident his mother, his life gets out of hand. He moves in with Cyrus (Clifton Kwan), whose life revolves mainly around drugs and parties. Ming also loves this wild life. Quick money he earned while having sex with strangers, rich men. Yan enjoy this new lifestyle is not his friend and tries to dissuade them – but without success. In revenge, he gives the police a tip and can blow up the Ming and his “new friends” on drugs. Ming arrives in a Christian rehabilitation center where he befriends Keung (Guthrie Yip). Ming seems to get back into orderly channels, but when he is released, his past catches up with him work more quickly than he had thought.

Belongs to this class of fragile Ming, supposedly helpless people, you can take and adapt will automatically appear in one of the protective instinct. Yan Keung, and both want the best for him, but they themselves are the ones who fail in the end as well and just do what they criticized at Ming before. As one of Yan Ming borrow money wants it to him there until after Ming had slept with him.

Oi Chun Sun / End Of Love is a small independent film that plays in the gay milieu of Hong Kong. Hongkongfilmfans will be disappointed, as is the city itself and see their driving, seething force little. Rather, here the traditional Confucian education, called into question and shows how one can live as a young, wild, gay man in the former British colony. But the film could play in almost any other place, because this issue is not really Chinese. End Of Love is without prejudice and as soon as one goes from the cinema, he’s already forgotten, as irrelevant the whole thing. Conclusion: Unfortunately, a great disappointment.

The director Simon Chung has studied in Toronto, then worked for film companies in Hong Kong. He is a founding member of the independent film distributor Ying E Chi. The drama Innocent (2005) was his feature film debut

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: End Of Love Country of production: China, Hong Kong Year of production: 2008 Length: 95 (Min)

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