En ganske snill mann

En ganske snill mann

En ganske snill male

               Genre: Comedy
               Revenge, murder, prison, criminal, Berlinale 2010

A Scandinavian Mr. Witz

  Sometimes, the damned thing with the sex can be quite simple indeed. One simple example, suppose an ex-con who has served for murder twelve years and quarters in them a less attractive one, but all the more lascivious lady advanced age. In general, the man to whom it turns here quite a blow for women: Ulrik (Stellan Skarsgård) has just come out of jail and will stay by his thoughtful and rather stupid gangster boss precisely when his sister, who in addition to a pretty bad temper and lousy cooking skills after all, has an enormous sexual appetite. Incidentally Ulrik worked at his landlady’s ex-husband in the garage as an auto mechanic and is at the behest of his gangster boss umnieten the guy who ratted him many years ago. Ulrik but wants nothing more than his calm. And he wants to finally take care of his son, Geir, which he was never a real father.

At first glance, joins Hans Petter Moland’s En ganske snill man well into the Scandinavian tradition of comedy with humor rather coarse and scurrilous manner. On closer examination, the film is simple but one of the variety and humor at the level of embarrassing and quite striking Mr. jokes that hardly miss a cliche about the fair sex – from the miserable parking up to the (sexual) greed is here really missed anything. Similarly stereotyped is the rather long portion of the story, in which the ex-con trying all this, of course, to make up what he has missed during the years of his prison stay.

Despite occasional laughs En ganske is snill man but rather a film of the stolid, even assed variety whose gags fizzle out with time. What may also be because that make it appear original constant repetition chauvinistic jokes one iota. Subtle humor and astute observations here certainly looks in vain.

Is expected in the contest for the worst sex in the competition, this film may have a good chance at a prize – along with Greenberg. In some serious competition for the Golden Bear, however, the odds are much worse.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: En ganske snill male Original Title: A Somewhat Gentle Man Country of production: Norway Year of production: 2010 Length: 103 (Min)

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