Emir Kusturica – Biography

Emir Kusturica - Biography

Emir Kusturica – Biography

  Emir Kusturica is one of Europe’s most creative and successful filmmakers. Since Do you remember Dolly Bell? (Sjecas Li Se, Dolly Bell?), Who won the 1981 Golden Lion in Venice for the best debut film, Kusturica regular guest at the big festivals in the world. Again and again he has been honored for his work with major awards: Daddy’s won on mission (Otac Slubbenom Na Putu) 1985, the Palme d’Or at Cannes for Time of the Gypsies (Dom Za vesanje) won Kusturica, 1988, also in Cannes, the Awarded as “Best Director”. Arizona Dream received the Silver Bear in Berlin in 1993, 1995, for Kusturica Underground (Bila Jednom Jedna Zemlja) once again honored with a Golden Palm at Cannes, and finally won in 1998 with Black Cat White Cat (Black Cat White Cat), the Silver Lion of the festival of Venice. Kusturica, 2005 was again in Cannes, but this time as President of the International Jury. His film Life Is a Miracle (Zivot Je Cudo) ran out of the competition.

The first time in 2001 when he ventured to a documentary, he was awarded with a Super 8 Stories: The Silver Medal for “Best Documentary” from the Chicago International Film Festival. In this film, he held down the adventures of the No Smoking Orchestra, the gypsy techno-rock band, regularly interacts with the Emir in 1986 as a guitarist.

Emir Kusturica was born on 24th Born in Sarajevo in November 1954 in what is now Bosnia. He studied directing at the prestigious FAMU film school in Prague. Already one of his early short films, Guernica, 1978 caused a stir when he won the award for “Best Short Film” at the Film Festival of Karlovy Vary.

Photo © Concorde Film – Emir Kusturica (center) during the shooting of Life is a Miracle

Title: Emir Kusturica – Biography

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