ELLING – Not Without My Mother

ELLING - Not Without My Mother

ELLING – Not Without My Mother

  Following the overwhelming success of the first film Elling, it is no great surprise that it has quickly made in Norway in the filming of a second-Paper Elling by Ingvar Ambjørnsen.

Elling – Not without my mother, based on the novel Ententanz the Norwegian writer. However, it is not a sequel in the strict sense, but the story takes place before the events that take place in the first film.

Elling, this time not been so treated, has lived for 40 years with nuts, which decides it is time that their withdrawn son will finally fly, and know the world learns. Therefore it gives Elling a joint trip to Mallorca. Elling, deeply shocked by the idea to engage in this “adventure travel”, accepted by only his mother from dangers that lurk in the Balearic Islands is known to protect, too. Querulous and discontented make both mother and son on the way to the holiday paradise. Elling for the trip is a disaster, nevertheless makes a valiant colonel ran to his mother and his jealousy fuels. And what his male hormones cause with him when he is surrounded by bare-breasted on the beach holidaymakers, Elling brings totally pissed off.

Is again played by Elling Per Christian Ellefsen and again the Norwegian actor has a grand performance succeeds in his portrayal of the mentally disabled Elling. Brilliant, he embodies the misanthropic complainer who is always all the blame on his alleged accident. Haughty and stubborn, sometimes aggressive or nervous, Elling responded to everything that he does not fit into the concept.

If you liked Elling, Elling will not enjoy – without my mother. Even though this was sometimes oppressive Elling and his mental problems appear more real and threatening. Elling – Not without my mother still shows the momentum and the comic lightness that also characterized the first film.

Title: ELLING -) Not Without My Mother Country of production: Norway Year of production: 2003 (# length 80 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Arsenal Film

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