Eleven Men Out

Eleven Men Out

Eleven Men Out

  For a long time, and preferably in the sports journalistic silly season still surging again in discussions dealing with the completely unnecessary issue of whether there is, then, gay soccer players – why not? – And who they probably are. Homosexuality in professional kickers, this is a hot potato, where apparently no one wants to burn your fingers, there is no such thing as the last great taboo of football. A rash or involuntary outing, so experts suggest, may have unforeseen consequences. And who was once present on a football field with an audience – whether class or District League – which will certainly agree with this assessment. Less serious but no less serious is the Icelandic director Róbert I. Douglas accepted this difficult issue, and shows in his film Eleven Men Out / Strákarnir Our evaluation that was performed in 2006 on the Berlinale in the Panorama to the cheerful and hopeful version of the consequences one coming-outs on the football field. Whether the events described could happen, however, in Germany as well, must at least be doubted. But the hope is dying well known recently.

Óttar Thór (Hlynur Björn Haraldsson) is the undisputed star striker in the first division KR Reykjavik of Iceland and the coveted goal of all the autograph hunter, his father also sits on the board of the association. But defected as the father of a teenage son after a big game in front of the assembled (and half-naked) men as gay to walk the problems going on really. Next Ottar teammates still believe in a joke, but as it turns out the whole thing to be true, they move quickly away from him and nobody would care at the same time with him in the shower. Finally Óttar is even suspended by his team’s training-ostensibly to protect young people against corrupting influences in society. And of his ex-wife Gugga (Lilja Nóttpórarinsdóttir) and his son Magnus (Arnmundur Ernst) of the soccer players anyway experiences no support.

But then the ousted player meets his old friend Pétur (Helgi Björnsson), who offers to switch to an amateur club, with the presence of several gay football players. The resulting media attention will provide fast that the few remaining heterosexuals quickly flee from the team and the first gay football team Iceland’s called “Pride United Reykjavík” is created. Clearly, that will take Ottar’s new team at some point to the former club of their stars …

Actually, yes, the Scandinavian countries are considered quite liberal in terms of societal acceptance of homosexuality, but this makes Iceland apparently an exception . “My film explains what it means to be gay in such a society dominated by machismo, such as the Icelandic live, I, along with its stereotypical image of men as hard working and just as hard-drinking fishermen,” says director Róbert Douglas. And indeed, the men in herumgeprahlt Eleven Men Out / Strákarnir Okkar all fine specimens of the true macho type, everywhere is drunk with their own masculinity and the women can do this one in “Men’s World” already pretty tired. So it is no wonder that after this dull atmosphere keeps the tale still, being gay may be a contagious disease, which after all is still no cure. So much ignorance is actually a reason for despair, but Douglas chooses the weapons of humor and shows in a fun and clever ways, like a coming-out can succeed even in a society such as Iceland. But if this movie would bring a German professional football to outing themselves, may be doubted, because in this specific case Iceland is directly from our doorstep and the hypocrisy in this country as great as on the island in the North Atlantic.

( Joachim Kurz)

Title: Eleven Men Out Original Title: Strákarnir Okkar Country of production: Iceland, Britain, Finland Year of production: 2005 Length : 90 (Min) of material: Edition Salzgeber

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