Genre: Tragicomedy
  “Bugatti” is on the sleeve of the jacket read, which carries the used car dealer Yvan (Bouli Lanners). But is not glamorous at the brawny man – neither his dreary and lonely life nor the dilapidated U.S. cars, which he brings to the man. As Yvan returns home one evening, he finds under his bed the burglar Elie (Fabrice Adde), whom he watched – yes, he might be armed – then beaten and then not get rid of. Elie is broke and wants to the French border, but no one pities the klapperdürren sad shape, so that he, like a stray dog repeatedly crosses Yvan way. Until finally, a show has, and with the Junkie for a tour across breaks through Wallonia. During the trip the two men – each in his own way, take a castaway – to all sorts of strange shapes: A busy Nudist, a car collector medial gifted with unusual tastes, two motorcyclists and (at the end Elie’s mother, Francoise Chichery) are the landmarks of this odyssey standing at the end of a leave and the fulfillment of a prophecy.

Bouli Lanners, who not only wrote the screenplay and directed, but also the thick Yvan the necessary acting “weight” awards, has won recognition for his tragicomic road movie already several prices. Thus, for example, the film won the “Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes 2008, the grand prize, was awarded the Prize of International Film Critics Jury FIPRESCI and the Belgian was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. Many early praise for a film maker who is just at the beginning of his career – Eldorado, according Ultranova (2005) Lanners’ second feature film. Unusually for his new film, incidentally, the story is hidden behind the title was originally a Cadillac Eldorado should be the vehicle chauffeured to Yvan and Elie through Belgium, but such a car was not to be found, so that finally a Chevrolet to the 79ers central part occupied. The entirely without justification automobile titles that fit but still.

Are particularly spectacular landscape shots, especially in Cinemascope, which look like patches of the French-speaking part of Belgium in some moments to leave things as they are not in Central Europe, but in the midwestern United States. Rarely, Belgium was so American. And yet is recognizable at any time without further notice. Even if the rich colors, is immersed in the film have little to do with the gray-drab image of Belgium as we know from other movies.

There are landscapes of the soul full of melancholy, loneliness and dilapidated charm, to the inner workings of the mostly very silent anti-hero illustrate. Everything about this film breathes mortality, despair and loneliness, without the effort will be the usual metaphors. Commonplace in the truest sense of the word ridiculous Lanners mixed with sadness and under the skin passing scenes. For example, if the gross block Yvan gently holds the hand of Elie’s mother, yelling at her husband in the off with his son. In the heart-rending sight, the Elies mother looks at her counterpart in this scene, is more depth and compassion than they have ever been able to express a dialogue. Despite the bizarre nature shows that Lanner repeatedly scatters and wrapped the example, the two companions in screaming bright curtains and pillowcases after they were caught in a downpour of rain, it is above all the quiet scenes or the melancholy conclusion that after the film in the memory remain and not be remembered by some of the melancholic-comic works of Aki Kaurismäki.

Is remarkable about Eldorado is also the very harmonious and soothing unobtrusive soundtrack, created the Renaud Mayeur and to the musicians as An Pierlé Gisen and Koen, Stefan Liberski, Jesse Sykes and The Milkshakes contributed atmospheric sounds and songs the very special atmosphere of the film support congenial.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Eldorado Country of production: France, Belgium Year of production: 2008 Length: 81 (Min) of material: Kool Film Distribution

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